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I had an experience today, and also approximately 2 months ago that, to be honest, scared the daylights out of me. A close friend's son passed away recently. The day he was buried, his sister put a rose in the grave and said "please call me". The next day, the sister and I were talking on our cell phones. I was driving an hour-long drive and was passing by Metro Airport in Detroit. There started to be electronic interference, and noises coming through my phone that sounded like they came from the bowels of hell, I don't know how else to describe these horrific noises. I put the phone on speaker, and at first thought it was because I was driving by an airport or something. This went on for 10 whole minutes, and I finally was so disturbed, I hung up. One minute later, the sister called me back and she heard the whole thing (noises) as well. She then told me about the rose in the grave and her message to her brother to "call her".

About 2 hours ago, I was talking to my mother on my cell phone. After about 30 minutes, I started hearing the same type of sounds, terrifying sounds. I got goosebumps and actually started crying after about 8 seconds of hearing these noises, and hung up. I called my mother back from my home phone. She did not hear these noises, but she was on a land line.

I must add that I am the most open-minded person I know. My mom and the friend I have who lost her son both commented that since I am such an open-minded person, I could be more susceptible to these type of things.

Could you please give me any insight as to what or where these noises may be coming from? I am pretty frightened.

Thank you.


ANSWER: Hi Kristy,

I am sooo sorry. I answered you on my tablet while I was traveling and it looks like it didn't go through. :( That was a few days ago. Please accept my apology.

Please tell me, do you know if that young man had a relationship with Jesus Christ? Or was he little? I do hope. And my condolences for your friend.

Quite honestly it was probably not the best request to be made regarding her request for her brother to call her. While her brother could very well be in the arms of Jesus right now it is possible that malevolent forces were present at that graveside, heard it and has now claimed a legal right to harass under the legal loophole of communication with the dead. As innocent as it was. Please understand I'm not shaking a finger at your friend. Just giving you information, not looking to place blame.

Remember that in scripture we are told that satan is the "prince of the power of the air" and cell signals travel through what? That's right. Air. So it's pretty easy for him to manipulate sounds that come over cell.

Now, the question is, why does it seem that the harassment is focused on you? If your friend's daughter has had no more events and it's difficult to discern, if the communication was evil and harassing by nature who it was aimed at. One would initially assume that it was aimed at the sister as she was the one who made the request. However, as both of you heard it and the follow up incident happened over your phone, I think we can postulate that whatever it is has focused on you.

Now, if it is nothing more than sucky cell service that is shotty, that's one thing. But from your description of it it SOUNDS to be something malevolent in nature. Especially if you have never experienced any similar problems with it before.

While we seem to be dealing with malevolent forces, while it may sound counter natural, I want you to fight against being afraid. Whatever it is, we can deal with it. God can deal with it.
Are you a Christian? I'd like you to read Psalms 91. That is my cover when dealing with malevolence.

If you are, I want you to get some oil and ask God to bless it, purify it and fill it with the Holy Spirit. Ask Him to make it a weapon to be used against the enemy and do so in Jesus' Name. EVOO works fine or you might get some anointing oil at a Christian book store for a few dollars. If it's small enough, put it between the pages of the Bible and close it on it and then pray the above over it. Then, when you get through I want you to dab some of it on your finger and somewhere (maybe the back) where it's inconspicuous (I don't want to mess up your phone.) take and mark the sign of the cross on it. Ask the Lord to consecrate it as well as all communication coming in or going out from it. Say "In the Name of Jesus (over the phone), I BIND and CUT OFF all satanic communication from entering the earpiece of this phone! I ask the Angels of the Lord to bind up Boice and Boyce right now!"

Ask the Lord to cleanse you of any unclean thing that might have tried to attach itself by way of the ear when you heard that. I know you said there is fear, and fear is a demon. Jesus said "For I have not given you a SPIRIT OF FEAR, but of POWER, of LOVE and a SOUND MIND." Right there He identifies it as a "spirit". You don't want that spirit. It will open the door for others which may have been the plan. I want you to say this and mean it:

In the NAME OF JESUS, I rebuke the SPIRIT OF FEAR! Jesus said that He has given us POWER over the enemy and right now I take UP that POWER. You LOOSE YOUR GRIP on me RIGHT NOW FEAR! I don't WANT YOU! You are not WELCOME! As well I bind and cast to the pit any evil spirit that entered through the ear canal by way of evil communication! I repent of all sins Lord Jesus including all witchcraft and anything that may have allowed anything that is not of You to attach itself to me by some legal loophole. I break and sever any UNGODLY soul ties between myself and (the sister), (the friend) and anybody else that you have may have an unhealthy relationship with. (The latter doesn't presume that you have an unhealthy relationship with friend and the sister at all. Just while we're doing it let's go ahead and cover all the bases.) I take all of my parts, from them, washed in the Blood of the Lamb and I return them back to myself. I take all of their parts in me, washed in the Blood of the Lamb and return them back to themselves.

Now, if you just read through that, go back and have another go at it and say it out loud and with conviction. Commanding. Did you feel anything? Heaviness, breathlessness, increased heart rate, heat, goose bumps, anything like that? If so at the end did you feel a release? That would be great if you did. If you felt something but no release I want you to do it again until it breaks.

If you have had or do have any more experiences or anything else happens we need to take the next step. I hope this has helped as well has been empowering for you. Remember, NO FEAR. :)

God bless!


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Just wondering, if this indeed continues to happen, what will the "next step" be?? The son that passed was approx. 27 and he died of an overdose. And yes, I am a Christian woman.


Hi! Thanks for the feedback! Ok, do it a couple more times. If nothing, just out of an abundance of precaution I will have you do a more exhaustive curse breaking. I just want to make doubly sure it hasn't attached itself to you in some way.

In your followup to this, if you see an option, mark this as private so nobody can see the thread anymore and answer me a few questions. Want to do a spiritual workup or diagnostic much like a doctor would do on you. I say mark it as private as I'm going to ask you some hard questions that the public does not need to be privy to. I'll go ahead and ask you the questions, just make sure it is marked private before you answer for your own privacy.

I'm going to probe right now for gateways that a demon could use to slip in. This will give me a picture of the probability or improbability that it is originating over the airwaves, through the phone or an attachment to you that is just using the phone to harass you.

1. Do you have tattoos?
2. Have you ever dabbled in witchcraft? This would include Ouija boards, tarot cards, love spells, light as a feather/stiff as a board, or astrology, psychics, etc.
3. Is there any addictions that you suffer from?
4. Is there a history of personal abuse. By a family member, bf, or any physical or sexual assault by a perpetrator?
5. Is there any history of Freemasonry/Eastern Star/Shriners in your family?
6. Have you ever had an abortion? (I told you these are tough, that's why I want you to mark the question thread as private if you can. If not, don't answer the questions.
7. Is there any unforgiveness that you have toward anybody. This would include yourself.
8. Is there any attempted or contemplated suicide in your past or current?
9. Do you deal with guilt and shame over anything that is still bothering you?
10. Have you ever suffered from rejection?
11. Have you had any kind of trauma in your life that you haven't been able to get over?

Answer as honestly as you can of course. But again, only if you can mark the message as private. If you CAN'T, I'd still like you to answer but I'd like you to copy this into a new question and answer them and mark that new question as private.

Assuming it is simply attached to the phone, that should be easy enough to deal with though maybe expensive as getting a new phone would be advisable. Maybe if you have insurance on it if it's one of those expensive jobs you can just let them know it's malfunctioning and have them send you a new one. But as you've anointed it and prayed over it, you SHOULDN'T have any more problems with it. As a cheap way to fix this, if it is with the phone but you want to be sure without going through the crap of getting a new one or another one; you can go to Walmart and they have these little $15 jobs that have $10 bucks of min on it. $1.99/day flat. But use it a few days and see if it happens with it. If it does then I'm afraid we are dealing with a problem that is attached to you rather than your personal belongings. HOPEFULLY though the anointing of the phone and it being prayed over is going to block any further interference.

And please don't be offended by my questions. These are nothing more than routine in my line of ministry. Just reveals to me any hotspots of demonic activity.

God bless!


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