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Paranormal Phenomena/Unexplained happenings in my home


Thank you for taking the time to read my post.  I have had several strange things that I can't explain happen in my home, and I am beginning to think maybe I am losing my mind.  A few months ago, I was folding clothes in my great room before going up to bed and I heard what I thought was the TV on in my 10 year old son's room upstairs.  I even swore I could hear canned laughter from a sitcom.  it was very late at night, and he was asleep in my bed at the other end of the hall.  When I went upstairs to his room, the TV wasn't on.  This actually happened on one other occasion.   My 8 year old daughter, who has her own room, wakes up almost every night (not always at the same time, but always in the middle of the night) and comes into my room whereby I have to either let her into my bed or go back into her room with her and stay to get her to go back to sleep.  She sometimes claims to hear things knocking on the wall and her toilet automatically flushing.  One morning earlier this week, I was on my main floor in the bathroom, and I swore I heard someone walking around and rifling through things in the basement right below me.  I have 2 large labrador retrievers, and one of them was with me, so I thought it was the other one, but then he walked into the bathroom, too.  I high-tailed it out of the house and called my neighbor to come walk through the house with me.  All the doors were locked, and there was no one in the house.  Finally, last night I put my daughter to bed and at her insistence, just like every night, I shut her closet door before leaving her room.  I know I shut it because I had to hang a jacket up first.  When I came up to check on her she was still awake and when I tucked her in again, she asked me to close the closet door.  I told her I already had, and turned and saw that it was open about 3 inches.  I asked her what she had gotten out of it, and she looked at me with a panicked expression and said, "I didn't!"  So I let her go into my room.  There's no chance the door drifted open, as there is a mirror hanging on it, so it is a tight fit, and you have to really push it to get it to shut and latch, which I did.  As I mentioned, I have 2 large dogs (labrador retrievers) and they have never indicated anything to me that I have noticed.  Also, we are the original owners of this house, having purchased it as it was being built.  I live in a suburb of Atlanta, GA.  I appreciate any advice you have to offer as I am at a loss here.  Again, thanks for your time.

Hello Maura,

Thank you for writing and sharing your experiences. Since you have marked the conversation as public, I will give you general information.

Any paranormal activity that scares you with blatant invasive disturbances (disembodied laughter, footsteps and movement of objects) is not a good thing. Knocks, raps and door movement can be a product of the natural environment, however, it is also a common denominator in verified dark entity cases. The fact that the activity has driven you to run from the house is a serious matter. No one should be driven from their home by spiritual interference. Paranormal events that also victimize children needs to be addressed immediately.

Not all animals react to spiritual presences. It depends on their perception of the entity and if it bothers them specifically. Some pets are extremely aware of spirits and demonstrate protective behaviors against unseen energies. Other pets quietly avoid the spirit or areas where it stays the most inside the home. The temperament of the animal guides its actions.

How old a house is or the history of the land has nothing to do with your vulnerability to spiritual problems.

Don't assume it's a ghost or lost deceased human. My experience has been that it isn't. Negative forces will show themselves as many things to keep you guessing, confused and frustrated. I suggest the following book to read which may help you sort this out and understand what's happening.

Protecting Your Home from Spiritual Darkness - Chuck Pierce

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