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QUESTION: Could you possibly validate that this may have been the spirit of a little girl named Christine Cole, given a spirit can travel? Not a great distance, but i live 5 minutes away from the private beach at colt state park and just over the water is warwick, where this little girls body was found washed up on the shore. She was beaten and , raped, and suffocated to death. She was 10 and died in 1998. Her murder os still unsolved.

ANSWER: Dear Alyssa,
  I cannot get a clear answer to your question about the child's identity. She seems more intent on getting healed and then to cross over. Sometimes spirits don't want to be remembered for how they died, but who they were when they died.
  My impression is that her murderer died too....possibly a suicide. Be aware, that person might show up too, which may be why she was so insistent to see you. This may challenge your compassion to work with difficult situations. Perpetrators need to be sent across to the Other Side to start their life review too and get them off the planet. Otherwise they will drift to other living humans making life uncomfortable for that person.
  If you want, I can try to find the deceased perpetrator before the spirit finds you, to avoid an emotional encounter.

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QUESTION: If you could do that, i would be grateful. I get the sense that this "man" is not something i want to deal with being inexperienced and to put it bluntly, i dont have much sympathy for someone who would hurt a child. It sounds selfish, but i dont think im ready for such a spirit. I get the sense that this child was not his only victim, and this child was so hysterical its difficult for me to even want to help the spirit who made her suffer like this. My maternal instincts will most definitely hinder anything i can do for him. Maybe someday after teaching and being more comfortable with spirits who make me uncomfortable i will be able to keep my own feelings aside from who is asking for my help. I will continue to speak to this spirit and do my best to sense her healing and will let you know when i get the sense that she is ready. Thank you very much :)

ANSWER: Dear Alyssa,
   The perpetrator has been crossed over. I too don't have sympathy for someone who has hurt a child. The alternative is to have this distressed spirit wandering and possible bothering other children living or not. The better solution is to cross them over to continue their spiritual path.
   On the Other Side a life review occurs for all spirits where the spirit meets and is confronted by those who were damaged by that spirit as a human. The perpetrator will have to endure being confronted by those whom the spirit created hardships.
   Sometimes I found difficult spirits that created great hardships for others. One was a notorious Nazi spirit whose harsh emotions could only damage those he came in contact with in this lifetime. After crossing him over, I asked the angels how long his life review would last. Now, on the Other Side, there is no time as we know it. The angels noted that the Nazi would take about 20,000 earth years to go through all of the individuals who were harmed during that person's lifetime. So, you see, the most difficult spirit gets away with nothing by being crossed over and must undergo a review that can be very difficult.
   Let me know when the child is impression, is that there may be more and you may want me to gather them all at once rather than for you to have to see them individually. Sometimes one spirit will act like an anchor for many others. Healing one will heal many others.
Standing by,

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QUESTION: I didn't know that, that information is very helpful in helping me to heal the spirits i may not want to, knowing that they will have to suffer justice on the other side even if justice wasnt served in life. Do you sense other spirits around me currently? I do, but i am not getting any physical communication from any other than this child at the moment, so i couldnt be sure how many or what they desire. If you think it is best to send them over all at once then im sure they will be grateful, but after feeling that deep connection today, i am open to being approached so that they can be heard if they would like. With each experience that i have it seems to become more and more intense. I did turn everything off in my apartment and sit down, clearing my head and announcing that any spirit that would like to cross over can find the bridge that you had out in place for them. I may be wrong, but i feel as though there is a line of spirits mostly on the stairs of my porch more so inside my apartment. I still feel uncomfortable inside my apartment, i know you had sense you didnt sense.any evil so maybe im just being paranoid or letting my imagination get the best of me, but when i close my eyes and think of what is making me uncomfortable i see a black cat. However, i dont sense any threat of any kind from the gathering outside. I also think that i have become more aware of my spirit guide, one of them. When they validate me or touch me, its almost like a hug across my chest shoulders and back. Its very nice. :) you've helped me so much, not only to feel more confortable with any abilities, but to take the time to offer to help me and give me advice. I read that every empath or medium or whatever i am needs one person to trust and confide in with their experiences, and you are that person for me. :)

Dear Alyssa,
   I don't think you have enough cigarettes to smoke with all those spirits on the porch ;-)....and there are quite a few. Many are ready to heal and cross over, so spiritual guidance will start the process to gather those ready at this time to heal and cross over.
Please let me know what you sense as they start to cross over.

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