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I am interested in contacting my spirit guide for the first time. What would be the best way to do this? Also, how would one best contact archangel Raphael for physical healing? Thanks!

Hi Rick,

Using your psychic gifts is a careful process. Your gifts are given to you by God and because of that you must make sure you are dealing with Divine energies rather than negative energies (i.e. dark entities - demons) who will be attracted to anyone trying to reach out towards God in order to deceive and ultimately enter your life on a permanent basis.

Second, you need Divine backup in order to have access to Supernatural protections against negative entities even when you are doing psychic work. Without God/Jesus guiding you directly or through angelic guardians, you are always in danger of demonic attack and infestations. I don't want to make this about religion.

It's about what side are you working for with your gifts.Even if your intent is good, evil will step in to mimic goodness until some point when you realize you've been fooled. It's also about your soul and your spiritual eternity. You are either working with the Divine or the Darkness. Always remember that Supernatural events are the domain of God and work subtly and joyously around us while paranormal events are the domain of the demonic which always manifest aggressively and with obvious interference in our lives.

You have to be vigilant, patient and knowledgeable about your psychic growth. Prayer for contact with the Divine is crucial to contact with Heaven. You must pray for Divine protection, guidance and your desire to serve God. You were given gifts to help others not to deal with the dead - which are demonic guises - unknown spiritual forces and trivial personal earthly pursuits. Divine work is service and an accountable anointing to do what God wants you to do with your abilities.

In biblical terms, Divine psychic abilities are prophets working in the Seer gift of clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience or claireaudience to reveal information for God's purpose. This doesn't mean you're different or better than other psychics. It means you are personally connected to the Divine with a single intent that is well protected from negative spiritual missteps.

That doesn't mean you can't be scouted, attacked or free from all demonic trickery. Some demonic experiences are necessary to your discernment education but you are learning to rebuff negativity, be aware of demonic presences and able to remove from yourself and others with Divine help that will always be with you. Continued safety allows you to be very productive with your gifts.

This is the only safe way to even think about using your psychic abilities. First you must learn discernment of Spirit along with using your gifts. That is the ability to see, hear or feel what you are really working with in the spiritual realms. We all have discernment to varying degrees. When you feel something is wrong or feel watched while alone, you are discerning. You may have a natural aversion to people that you can't quantify. It may indicate demonic problems are occurring with that person or their character is susceptible to spiritual problems. This is a negative flag in your psyche.

In the same way, you will experience Divine energies and this will help you know the difference between low frequency vibrations of entities vs high frequency energies of the Divine. You can also receive good energies from dark entities which try to fool you. To delineate, you must learn that paranormal activity in the physical usually rushes at you or envelopes you when you are not expecting it. Divine energies are very light and subtle and continue without feelings of dread or fear coming into play.

Intent to service, Divine protection, prayer, discernment, and experience will help you start. Psychic work is serious business. I remove demonic activity from people and homes all the time. It's a horrible invasive agony for them to be infested, oppressed, and destroyed by demonic spirits. Dark energies are relentless, tenacious and insidious. There is spiritual warfare going on between Light and Dark and we are the collateral damage if we're not careful. Work knowingly for Light and not unknowingly for Dark.

I suggest the following books for you to read:

1. School of the Supernatural - Ryan Wyatt
2. Divine Guidance - Doreen Virtue
3. Lightworker's Way - Doreen Virtue
4. Demons in Disguise - Steve Wohlberg
5. Protecting your home from spiritual darkness - Chuck Pierce

Hope this helps,

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