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Hello Greg,

I hope you would be able to provide honest answers to these questions
of mine.  If you read these different surveys, it is clear from them
that most people believe in the metaphysical (the spirit world and the
soul) citing 'personal experience' as to why they believe in this.
But if you ask almost any person on the street, the common response
you'll receive is something like 'what complete nonsense' 'none of us
really believes in this rubbish' and that 'there is no more to this
life than the physical things that you see!'.   I wonder what people
would say if they really spoke the truth?!  Psychics go on about the
'spirit guide' and how all of us have a psychic potential;  

1)Do most
humans know that they have a 'helper' from amongst the spirit world?
(ie a guide and influence)  

2)Are these spirits involved in instantly
connecting certain people together? (There does appear to exist an
immediate spiritual attraction between spiritually-similar people).

3)Do kids also have a spirit guide?  


Hello Asif,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts, Paranormal Phenomena with your questions. I hope that I can help you with my answers.

  I do not feel that most people believe in the metaphysical, at least not all aspects of it as it encompasses so many diversified fields. I do believe that many believe in one or more of these aspects, and of course there are those who believe in all of them. I suppose that location is a factor in gathering opinions biased one way or another. Walk into a psychic's fair and the majority will be into some sort of metaphysical belief system. Walk into James Randi's office or the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry and you'll receive a different group with different biases. Somewhere in the midle hides the truth, the norm. A Canadian survey states that nearly half of the people responding stated that they believed in the existence of spirits and ghosts (48%). That leaves those who don't believe and those who don't really care one way or another.

  Also realize that peer pressure applies on a psychological level when believers are confronted with their beliefs, especially when done in the presence of others. There is a social and psychological stigma resulting in a desire not to be labled as a nut case, kook, or plainly" insane... sometimes even to family and close friends. Some prefer their beliefs a personal thing. I am a professional, experienced paranormal investigator with a strong parapsychological study background. Dispite that when asked if I believe all of the things reported I honestly have to say, I don'tknow." as that is, in reality, the only true response any non-biased nonfanatical person can give.

  In answer to your questions...
1-  No. I believe that some people, especially those involved in the mystical believe in guides and such. Personally, I believe that I have a Spirit Guide, a Spirit Guardian and a Gatekeeper. I could not help people with out a strong belief that I am safe and protected. However, Christians, for example also believe is some higher being, maybe angels, that act as guardians. And remember the other 52% of those non-believers. Well believe or deny, they also have their guides.

2- A spiritual internet - how interesting. Google can not connect your spirit guides due to a long running script. All joking aside, there are two ways of looking at this issue. 1- From what I know the Spirit world, the one in the light, not the ghost realm between the spirit realm and ours, is more "human" like than we might think. Although they communicate telegraphically, connections may not happen instantaneously, but damn fast by our standards!
and the second reason: When bringing certain people together, that is more of a parapsychological / psychical issue. Most likely telepathy is the method of use. Astral beings are not, as far as I remember, involver in this.

3- Bless them, all children have spirit guides. Many will ask why bad things happen then to so many children. Spirit guides can help on a certain level, but they can not interfere with the events on earth unless there is an extremely god beneficial reason. It is rather like the Primary Directive on Star Trek.

  Children who pass over young, as unfortunate as that is, is usually a decision made in the Astral realm. It is always for the better and benefit of that individuals soul. Guides, Guardians and Gatekeepers do nothing that would harm a living being. They are pure light, unending love & unconditional forgiveness - at least my friend, that's is what I have learnt during my research, and as of yet, I've no reason to doubt it.

  If I can be of any more help in this or other concerns, please feel free to contact me, I'm always here to help.

Warm regards,
Greg Pocha,
Paranormal Phenomena, All Experts

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