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QUESTION: I have had ghosts in my tv since my son died ten months ago.  The ghosts whisper to me, call me by name.  I have tried everything to get them to leave.  My Reverand came and blessed the house.  Can you tell how to get them out of my tv and leave my home.  I have burned sage. used holy water, told them to leave.  I pray every day. Thank you

ANSWER: Hello Lynne,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts Paranormal Phenomena. May I offer my condolences on the loss of your son, you have my deepest sympathy.

  I cannot say whether or not the blessing would have helped much or not, in most cases not. The same goes for the use of anything that the ghost[s] consider "Holy" such as holy water and holy salt, crucifixes and other icons. Ghosts have a tendency to get ticked off royally if religion is directed towards them unless the ghost happens to be of that particular faith, and so far you have no reason to be that that is the case. When you pray, do so "internally" and do not direct your prayers towards the ghost. For example, "Dear Lord, help me to get rid of the ghosts that haunt my home" - big mistake. You may be dealing with a ghost of a different faith, an atheist, a Jewish person, an Islamic person...

  ITC or "Instrumental Trans-Communication" has been around for quite awhile and includes telephones, radios, and televisions etc.. Ghosts on TV are nothing that is not unheard of.
However one has to first rule out that the TV is functioning in a-one condition and it is not acting as a receiver [or that surrounding pipes and wiring are not acting as antennas] and that the off turns the TV OFF and not on Stand-by.

  That done, I need you to answer some questions so that I have the information to help you the best I can.

1- What is the make, manufacture and model number of the set?

2- As close as you can, describe what it is that you are seeing that makes you think that there are ghosts in the TV. Do you see their images or faces?

3- Do you hear them through the TV or do you hear their voices regardless of where you are?

4- Have you tried moving the TV to a different location?

5- Do the images appear when the set is unplugged?

  As well would you please take the following test and let me know the results [number of yes responses - number of no responses.]

  I look forward to your follow up reply and being able to gather needed information from it. May I add that I am glad that you contacted me. There are some experts with very biased opinions, thus closing their eyes and minds to other possibilities that stand outside of their personal belief limitations.

Warmest regards,
Greg Pocha,
Paranormal Phenomena, All Experts

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I took the test.  21 no, 1 yes.
1. Panasonic, model tcp42x3.
2. I see light that moves from above the tv program to below and to the side.  Once I saw a face and a mist come out of tv.  
3.. I hear voices only when tv is on.  When I mute tv, no voices.  Occasionally while sleeping at night they might say my name.  Also when mone of my other sons calls on his cell phone entitty says my name, and other things I can't make out.  This stopped for a long time but started again yesterday it seems because I did not turn on tv the night before.
4. This is a wall monted tv.
5. no

Hi Lynne,

  Thank you for the additional information. From the test we can rule out PTSD, but I am still concerned about stress factors in you life. To that end you may want to look at the Holmes and Rahe stress test at

  Judging from your answers I would suggest that you could be experiencing symptoms of Electromagnetic Field [EMF] sensitivity or Temporal Lobe Lability. If you sleep near a clock radio, that would further support that hypothesis. The cell pone also emits EMFs in the microwave wavelength. People sensitive to EMF can hallucinate due to the change in brain activity. It is common, EMFs surround us everywhere unless we reside in a Faraday cage or a cement bunker. The Faraday effect is noticed when a car radio fades out when driving through a tunnel.

  Then again another theory would be that you are in a more relaxed state when resting in front of the television or in bed resulting in a different mind set. This state could facilitate a higher level of psychic awareness.  In this state of being you may be more attuned to the psychic realm, the ghost realm, so to speak.

  Instrumental Transcommunication  [ITC] has been experimented with for quite awhile. Ghosts seem to have the ability to contact through electrical media devices as recorders, phone, television and radio. [I'll add, not through toys such as the gadgets ghost hunter groups use such as 'ghost boxes, a.k.a. spirit box, Franks Box or random word generators such as the Ovilus.] Web sites about ITC that you may want to look into are:

  Whatever the cause, I can send you a simple but highly effective way of ridding your home of unwanted entities and energies. The info is of course Free as my organization , the Eidolon Project Canada Paranormal and Parapsychology Research and Investigations,is not-for-profit. You will have to purchase some ingredients such as certain incense locally. If you require that info please write to me personally at
and I can help from there. I do not give that info out over a public web site.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Greg Pocha,
All Experts, Paranormal Phenomena

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