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Hello! So for the past several months I have been waking up at 3am. Most times I've woken up to a fire sensation burning the tip of my fingers.. Almost as if someone lit a lighter and put it to my finger tips while sleeping.. But tonight I actually woke up to a feeling as if someone was trying to gouge my right eye out of my socket... I remember hearing people screaming and yelling in pain while I was asleep.. When I woke my right eye hurt as if someone was actually yanking on my eye...This is really annoying and I need advice and answers someone please help! I am a 23 year old male and my name is Isaac. Thank you

Dear Isaac,
         I read though your information few times but, i am not able to tell whether it is a negative energy or something else. Burning sensation on the tip of the finger is not enough to consider it as a negative energy even though heat is one of the sign according to my knowledge. Sometimes dreams can cause all these situations. You should ask a doctor to find out why these dreams and waking up at 3 to know the medical side of it. So that you can compare the spiritual and scientific reasons which will give you a better understanding. Also ask Few more experts in this site may help you. And don't forget to pray few minutes before sleep.
         God bless you.

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