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THE OVERALL QUESTION IS CAN YOU HELP EXPLAIN WHY THIS HAPPENS TO ME.I guess I should start from the beginning.My mother was adopted from Columbia when she was a baby with her two sisters  the locals killed off the rest of my family because they believed they were witches at least that's that's what I'm told.Anyways for as long as I can remember and even before that according to my mom there have been paranomal events that have happened to me almost daily.from seeing spirits to sleep paralysis to being attacked spiritually being protected from harm knowing what's going to happen before it does feeling other peoples emotions and many more things im Christian these things get worse the closer to god I get.

Hello Deonte,

Thank you for writing and sharing your situation with me.

If your ancestors did engage in witchcraft, there is the potential for dark spirits to be invoked or attracted to their gifts in order to assist in spells, curses, and other dark aspects of magic. Demons do the spiritual work of people doing occult practices whether the humans involved know it or not. Either you are working with God and the Divine through prayers and good intent or you are looking for power from another source. That source is negative spirits. Those spirits are always dark entities.

Ghosts or ethereal human souls coming to help you are not real. They are projections by entities to make you feel comfortable, accepting and unguarded while they work insidiously to destroy you, warp you or move you into unwholesome activities that harm others. All spirits may seem benevolent for a while, but they always show their true nature. Ghosts are demonic guises.

If you understand that, you can understand why you're having problems. There may be a lineal demonic attachment to you that has been working on many of your relatives over time. It's possible that you have been tagged as vulnerable and have acquired a negative energy solely due to your family history. Someone has engaged with dark entities and maybe even called them forth. That activity with demonic beings constitutes a permission to enter a person's life and infest or oppress them until death. It also can carry down the branches of a family tree generation by generation.

If you are trying to go towards God, an entity will work diligently to stop that from happening. You are engaged in spiritual warfare right now. You must continue to pray, call upon your angels to protect you from severe harm and educate yourself to the ways of dispatching the entity and what spiritual warfare is according to Biblical and contemporary methods of personal protection. This will empower you to know how to remove this problem in your life. You can get it out.

You also will have to make decisions to change the things in your life, avoid people who are also demonized and will not take action to help you or themselves, and strengthen your faith and relationship with God daily no matter if you feel helpless or discouraged. God is there. You will have to put some elbow grease into your thoughts and actions. Complacency will be your undoing.

I recommend the following books:

1. Protecting Your Home from Spiritual Darkness - Chuck Pierce
2. When Pigs Move In - Don Dickerson
3. School of the Supernatural - Ryan Wyatt

Each book covers a different aspect of what you're dealing with - Protection, Spiritual Warfare, Psychic Gifts.

If it comes to it, you can seek professional help for cleansing the home. If you want to keep in touch, please post to me as a PRIVATE post.

Stand firm,



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