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Paranormal Phenomena/can a person be a 'radio speaker'?


My cousin recently told me a story that I found both curious and troublesome.  He told me that for the past few week he wakes up in the middle of the night and can hear voices (2 or 3 different ones) coming from his girlfriend's mouth like a 'radio speaker'.  The sounds are sometimes clear and sometimes garbled but the voices are distinctly not that of his girlfriend. He tells me that he is not frightened by the voices and that they do not tell him to do anything or address him directly. He says he just listens to the conversation going on and being emitted like a speaker from the mouth of his girlfriend. It is really weird and I'm worried that he may be schizophrenic or that his girlfriend is possessed by an entity. What can I do to help him?  Is he in danger?

Hello Phineus,

Thank for sharing your information.

As you already know this is not a wholesome spiritual situation for your cousin and his girlfriend. Her speaking in other voices or projecting other personalities via speech - known as channeling - can be due to three possibilities:

1. She has psychic gifts that she cannot control and she is being telpathically hijacked by negative spiritual forces. If that is the case, she has a choice in allowing her gifts to be accessed. She needs to shut down by intent her own "open" door to any and all spiritual contacts.

2. She is willingly allowing this vocal puppetry to happen for some reason.

3. She is in a state of pre-possession by a negative entity. Which means she has already gone through the previous stages of infestation, oppression and obsession by a demonic entity. It now is able to fully control her speech and will continue domination through physical, mental and emotional control. Her daily behaviors may become exaggerated, unpredictable and even dangerous to herself and others.

All these situations are indicative of demonic activity and I guarantee there has been obvious other manifestations of paranormal activity around them for a while up to seven years ago. At least that's when it entered her life.

Yes, they are both in danger. I suggest you read the following books and acquaint yourself with what you would be involved in if you try to intervene. You must not be a lateral target for an entity that will enter your life to keep them under its grip. This can happen by the entity visiting your home, by sending another entity to you directly for infestation or by creating lateral havoc in your life through family and friends. Learn what you're going to face by these books.

I also suggest your cousin and girlfriend read them too, but they will have a lot of resistance against them getting knowledge as the entity will distract them, make them physically ill or create fear. I suspect some occult involvement in this situation.

1. Protecting your home from spiritual darkness - Chuck Pierce
2. When pigs move in - Don Dickerman

Let me know how it goes. My Fb link is below.


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