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QUESTION: That seems like what is going on. I think maybe i was just scared and overthought it? Would that have been my spirit guides talking to me warning me about something then, because generally my mind is a sweet place, and "the baby is fucking dead" over and over again would never in a million years be in my own thought process. I do have a closet that i barely use in my bedroom, its just home to extra blankets and those fancy clothes that are seldomly worn. Would that be an appropriate place for a bridge?

ANSWER: Alyssa,
  You were definitely hearing the poltergeist talking to you. Your spiritual guidance is too loving to use such crude language.
  I will work with your guidance to create the bridge in the closet.

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QUESTION: Thank you very much. Good riddance to that thing, and may the bridge be a peaceful pathway for any spirits in search of the light.

ANSWER: Alyssa,
  My impression is that the spirit bridge is now operating in your bedroom closet. Your spiritual guidance will be continuously checking for deceased humans in the house, healing them when found, and sending them across the bridge. There is no danger to living humans that get into the closet, it won't send you across ;-)
Should you ever move, the bridge will collapse and need to be rebuilt at the next place you live.
Let me know what you can sense,

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QUESTION: Today i think i mastered more of using my "minds eye". Again, while smoking a cigarette outside on my porch (seems to be the start of all of my emails lately) :) i picked up on something. The sky and the clouds were extreamly depressing looking, and the air was really thick. This was about an hour ago. I started to get the sense that a child was suffering. I closed my eyes but saw nothing amd geard nothing. I then stood up and walked into my apartment, and as soon as i shut the door behind me i collapsed to the ground. It was like someone was digging their knee into my chest and i couldnt breathe. I closed my eyes and saw the spirit of a woman (but did not feel as though it was the spirit of a woman. I still sensed a suffering child). Long black hair, pale white skin, and she was hysterical. Crying and almost charging toward me in desperation. That is when my "sight" with my eyes closed went even deeper. I was suddenly in complete darkness. Even when you're eyes are closed you still can get the light of surrounding lights or the sun. It was like i was blindfolded and this place in my head was the only place that existed. I still had to struggle to breathe. I dtarted feeling pain in the side of my neck and my lower back. I started to feel like i was going to pass out. My whole body tingling like it does when spirits are near. I got the sense that this spirit was in the form of what she would look like now if she hadn't been murdered. Yes, this spirit died very violently and horrific is the vibe she was giving me. I sensed being cold and lost and alone. I started crying, and then i got myself up and made my way to the couch. I felt such sympathy, being a mom, because this was a child that i really wanted to try to interact. I didnt get any words other than "mad". I held my hand out and said "you are safe here. I am safe." My hand got cold but it wasnt tingly at all, just cold. Then i felt that cold tingly feeling on my legs, almost like this spirit came and sat on my lap. I practically begged for communication but got nothing. Then the feeling was gone. Increadible.

Dear Alyssa,
    The child notes she died in the past 25 years and she showed you how she was to look as an adult. Thank you for helping her to feel safe, to calm down, and trust you. She is in your aura now. This encounter has been a powerful indicator of your ability to sense the deceased and to "see" what they try to portray, while staying calm and neutral.
  Guidance is helping me to heal her adverse emotions and then we will cross her over to the Other Side when you feel she is ready.
Standing by,

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