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Paranormal Phenomena/is my son really seeing things?


QUESTION: Hi there. Thank you for answering questions. My 17 yr old has told me about things he sees and feels in his bedroom at night but I'm not sure whether he is really seeing things or is just dreaming. Personally I thought he was having an OBE while he was sleeping. He said he saw a black shadow move across the floor but to me it was in an unnatural way not sounding like it was a shadow, has said he woke up unable to move which I guess he does a lot but said he saw a face above him. I do have tarot cards in my bedroom tucked away in my dresser but I rarely use them anymore due to my work schedule. I have never seen anything and I feel safe here. My other kids have never mentioned anything strange happened or was seen. So what is my 17 yr old experiencing?

ANSWER: Dear Jaime,
   Thank you for looking for answers quickly. Not all shadows are a problem. This one was and had the potential to get worse.
   My impression of this shadow that held down your son was a succubus/incubus. This dark entity is actually androgenous and can shift gender depending on the victim. Because this particular entity does not target just one victim but many, spiritual guidance worked with me to remove it from your house and from the others  connected to it, wrap it in energy/light, and secure it away safely.
   Please let me know if he experiences anything else like this. The tarot cards were not to you have a Ouija Board in the house?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for the response and no I don't have a Ouija board. I believe they are dangerous as one never knows who or what is answering and I have no desire to contact the dead.

ANSWER: Dear Jaime,
  My impression from tracking this entity to its source, is that it came from an Ouija board portal. That portal is now closed to keep other entities from using it. The Ouija Board that spawned this entity can still create another portal if activated by an unsuspecting person.  Thank you for not using any Ouija board, I agree the usage is dangerous.
  You seem to be quite insightful with spiritual matters.  

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi there. I have no further questions, I just wanted to say you were right about use of a Ouija board. I asked my son if he had one and he said no which I didn't think he did but apparently I have neighbors close by in my apartment complex that do. So thank you for closing the portal but sorry to say my neighbors will more than likely open it again lol

Dear Jaime,
   Thank you for the follow-up response. Yes, I could sense the Ouija board nearby and was concerned for your safety. Guidance is working with me to seal this particular Ouija board with energy and Light so that only beings of the highest Light have access. Maybe the neighbors will get distracted by the compassion...;-)

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