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QUESTION: It was increadible. The way that ive always seen spirits, when i did, was just my mind describing them with words. Ive never actually seen them so vividly. I still had to close my eyes to do so, but it was a very clear picture. It was actually a bit terrifying because not only was i caught off guard, but his appearance was very unwelcoming although i sensed no threat and nothing but utter sadness. I went outside to smoke a cigarette and after five minutes i could feel him. I looked to my right, i closed my eyes, and that's when it began. He was standing RIGHT next to me, staring down at me with this CRAZY angry look, his face was covered in mudd and blood, and i was overwhelmed with being sad. The sensation my body felt was almost like being cobered conpletely in a freezing wet towel (if that makes any sense). I did sense he died upbrubtly and even though i could sense he was in some sort of battle i didnt sense that was what killed him. I sensed he died accidentally and fast. I was so scared, but i wanted to help him. At first i kept saying to him "please leave, i cant help you. I dont know how to help you." And then the words and the pictures started coming. I didnt even think i was capable of that. Then i told him "im so sorry. Im so sorry for your suffering and i will try my best to help you." Then i emailed you. How do i go about helping these spirits when they appraoch me? Or am i even capable of doing so? Ive lived here in this apartment since july and i have never seen or sensed this particular spirit before. He wasnt in my apartment. Even when i went back inside i could no longer sense him. Its like he just stayed on my front porch looking in, i had so much sympothy. I will continue to do my best to hear these spirits that are trying to communicate, and continue communicating with my guides to keep me safe. Its like talking to you that first time opened up a whole new side of myself that feels more like ME than i ever have in my life. Thank you again for taking time to help me journey through this. :)

ANSWER: Dear Alyssa,
   Your abilities were being over-shadowed by the darkness that was all about you. Now that you are in the Light, you may see your abilities bloom. Thank you for emailing this situation.
   Perhaps in the future, you will be able to sense what the spiritual entity and intent are to better determine what needs to be accomplished. Your guidance and I will continue to back you up as needed. Hopefully by next year, a book that guidance is helping me to write will be finished that teaches folks how to work with the spiritual world.
   Are  you able to sense where he and his family are now and how they are feeling? Try to keep a journal of this discovery in yourself. That may help as you explore your progress.
So much to ask, so much to learn,

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QUESTION: Unfortunately, no, i cant sense him at all now. I know he is gone, i just cant sense where.

ANSWER: Alyssa,
   Wonderful! Yes, he seems to have crossed over with his family to the Other Side. The impressions he sends back are of peace...and you started that process, thank you. He will have a better Christmas.
   Most human spirits are usually caught in the cycle of their death emotions or situation. When humans die, if they do not cross over, keep their emotions intact as well as their earthly agendas. His agenda seems to have been to return to his family but was thwarted by the geography.
   Did he die nearby? Was there much Revolutionary War activity where you live? To think he has waited centuries to find someone to assist him and you were there. Sometimes I go to battlefields and cemeteries in search of the victims...offering healing and crossing over assistance.
Thank you again,

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QUESTION: I live in Bristol RI and this was the town that had the largest militia army and they were the ones who started fighting in boats. I got that he died in this area near the water, and i got the word "whale" that i assumed was just my thoughts as it seemed irrelivent, but he could have been trying to tell me about the "whaleboats" they used. I also took from the word "train" and "south" that after he passed, his family traveled south.

Dear Alyssa,
   Excellent detective work! Thousands of spirits from the Revolutionary War have not crossed over and my impression from guidance is there are still many in your area....possibly about 875.
   In 1780, the mountain men in my area of Virginia, marched to King's Mountain in South Carolina to defeat a Tory army that had threatened to march in and destroy the area. One of my ancestors was wounded in the battle and died on his way home.
    He was in the Muster Grounds awaiting to be mustered out when I found him last spring. He did not realize he was dead or that centuries of time had passed. He crossed over with the rest of the veterans after being healed, cocooned with energy/light, and carried by the angels to the Light.
    You may encounter more local spirits with a need for assistance. If you do, please let me know so they can be healed and crossed over.
Have a good Holiday,

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