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QUESTION: I absolutely will :) happy holidays to you as well!

ANSWER: Enjoy your time with those you love.

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QUESTION: The holiday was very quiet and peaceful. There were a few odd things that seemed to even freak out my "non believing" boyfriend, but i sensed no threat or malicious intent of any kind. My bag being pushed off the table, my daughters light up toy going off repeatedly in the dporway while nobody was anywhere near them. My chair flipping over and seemingly "thrown" across the porch outside. Pretty innocent things that could very well not have even been paranormal, but sure did make.him question weather or not he should start opening his mind.

ANSWER: The situations you list seem to be the work of a poltergeist. They have the energetic energy to throw chairs and  play with electronic items. This feels like a male poltergeist from the same era as the last one and probably followed the cord from the first one crossed over.
The challenge you may have over the next few months is determining one spirit from another. Guidance will help me to heal and remove this one. Did you sense any pictures or  emotions?

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QUESTION: I didnt sense any words or emotions because i dont feel like it is or ever was human. When the first few things happened i didnt sense anything. I tried to, just incase it was someone trying to get my attention, but it was like dead air. Then after i emailed you last night is when things started to get weirder and i got an idea of what may be going on. Maybe. Last night while i was sitting in the living room watching tv, all the electricity in the living room went out but nowhere else. I figured maybe a breaker was tripped or something. Then i went to turn the basement light on to check and those lights wouldnt work either. So i got a flashlight and went down. There were no breakers tripped at all. All the switches were still on "on" and i got that feeling again. Almost instantly. That feeling of someone watching me. So i flipped all the switches "on" and "off" again repeatedly until all the lights came back on again, then i RAN upstairs.

Then later in the night, around 12:30am, i couldn't sleep and was awake, and when i walked passed my sons room he was wide awake just staring at the ceiling. I asked him why he couldnt sleep and he said "when i close my eyes the clown keeps touching me mom." (I know kids have nightmares and bad dreams, this just contributed to my being uncomfortable in my own home last night.

So i decided to try hard to go to sleep. I was laying in my bed (the dining room and dining room table are right outside by bedroom door and my cigarettes were on that table, nowhere near the edge) and while i was playing a game on my phone i heard a "thump" and rustling noises. I ignored it. Then i got that feeling again. It lingered until my boyfriend got home from work at 3am (i was still awake, afraid to go to sleep because i kept hearing in my head a phrase from a movie i had just watched the other day. The phrase was "the fucking baby is dead." (As you can imagine, having two small children, this did not settle well with me and i was not going to fall asleep feeling this way.) When my boyfriend walked into the dining room he looked into the door and said "well either you fibally decided to quit smoking or the "ghosts" (yes, he used air quotes) knocked over your cigarettes. I sat up and looked, and that was the "thump" i had heard. My cigarettes had been pushed off the table and were now all over the floor. Well, whatever this is has my attention now, but i couldnt tell you what it is. Im afraid, i sense a threat, and im very positive that this thing is not a human soul.

  I pulled your house in front of me for a thorough check-up. There is no darkness in the house and no evidence of any dark activity. When I ask about poltergeist activity, the elementals in the house say, "yes"!
Poltergeists are capable of everything you wrote....especially the male poltergeists. The females tend to be more subtle...but not always.
  The worst poltergeist case worked so far was with a couple and their two small children. There were two...a female and a male spirit that were screaming in the house, passing through walls (the family couldn't find a safe place in the house), and these spirits were marking the children with crosses. The family was in an uproar and had left to a relative's house. Getting the poltergeists cornered, healed, and crossed over took some work but guidance helped me to cocoon them, seal, and secure them.
  Two days later another poltergeist appeared and began knocking over furniture. Turns out there was a portal under the house from a Native American burial site. The portal was in the form of a necklace that allowed the wearer easier access to the next world. Unfortunately the device was still open allowing the poltergeists access to the house. We were able to seal the portal with angels and that was the last we heard of this case.
  If you like, guidance may be able to assist me in setting up a bridge in your house to allow any more poltergeists to cross over. I would need an out-of-the-way closet that you seldom use to set up this bridge with your spiritual guidance acting like sheep dogs to direct these human spirits into the closet. This bridge will not work with dark entities...that takes a different bridge called a Light bridge. The poltergeist that bothered your son and you was the same one and has been securely crossed over.

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Rapid recognition of paranormal problems are my specialty, having had many experiences with ghosts, demons, dark entities, dark angels, dark archangels, astral life-forms, aliens, and hauntings. Recognition of psychic gifts, help for psychic children, especially the crystal and indigo children are important to help them blossom. I have researched hundreds of paranormal situations and assisted private clients in freeing their home of energetic spiritual phenomena. Extreme hauntings or nonhuman presences are of special interest. Much of this work is accomplished using distance remote viewing with many skills to identify spiritual energies/entities. Through my website, your spiritual guidance in coordination with mine, will assist in the recognition/resolution of unwanted spirits, poltergeists, or demons, as well as correct geopathogenic lines, negative vortices, adverse energies, curses, or portals so the client can return home and continue their life free of fear or oppression. Most of my spiritual work as a medium is through the coordination with a client's spiritual guidance and the spiritual guidance that works with me, who help me understand possible solutions. There are many things that go bump in the night, some are easily explained away, others need more intuitive research and meditation. After thousands of human crossovers and hundreds of demonic exorcisms, expertise has been gleaned to tease apart challenging situations. Guidance helped me create a ten level dichotomy chart of dark and light energies to help discern what is being encountered. This has been quite helpful when finding what seemed to be minor cases masquerading as human, that were really demonic.

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