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I was waking up and jumped back gasping because on the table next to me I saw a very large (larger than my fist) scorpion. It moved slightly. It was a very translucent and opaque reddish orange. I only jumped back because it surprised me but I did not get the feeling I was in danger.

I rubbed my eyes - looked again and nothing was there.

This happened years ago - but it was an exceptionally large spider - on my pillow beside me but just under my chin. Same thing - large, black/violet - and transparent/opaque.  It also did not threaten me - and it was as I opened my eyes I saw it.

But both times - when I blinked - sat up .. they were gone.

What .. is this?

I'd like to say I was still drowsy, but I was not... both times was as if I was normally waking up - which is my sitting up, stretching and fully aware.

This is a very good question. The reason you saw these things when waking up is you were in the Theta brain wave state. In this state we are open to non-linear perception. If you did not feel threatened by these images they are likely from your own subconscious. I would encourage you to explore the state between being awake and asleep. These images may have something to share with you.

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