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I live in a rural part of South Carolina, tonight I saw a cat sitting at the back of my property, being a animal lover I went down there to see if it was hurt since it had been there for well over a hour, it was a stray cat I had been feeding it never let me get very close, but this time I walked almost all the way up  to it. It ran away, but on the way back to my house I heard a tiny bell ring 3 times, and my foot kicked something in the yard, it was a tiny bell I had never seen before, I took it in the house and cleaned it up, you could tell it was old and a bit rusty, but you could see a quarter moon
and 2 stars on it however the Claxton of the bell was missing and no noise could be made from this bell. Does this mean anything?

Hello and thanks for writing. Is it possible that the cat has a bell on it's collar? Could be why you heard a bell ringing, but it is odd that you found that bell while hearing a bell ring. Spirits work in strange ways and that may be the way they are trying to get through to you. If you remember where you found the bell I highly suggest getting a metal detector in that area as maybe they are drawing you to it, you never know what may be there. It may be a spirits way in trying to get you to notice something there in that specific area, but cannot say 100%. Worth a try though, but I would pay attention to that area on nice evenings and maybe take some photos and the like as well.
Here is a link to an article that sells bells with moon and stars on it, apparently they have some meaning with spirits and cleansing. It was an intresting read, not sure if it pertains to your bell as well but intresting for sure. Also I have read that these bells have alot to do with Shamen as well????

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