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Hi Christine,  
A couple nights ago I was woken up by an older women, twice.  She seemed concerned with waking me up.  I thought it was a dream, but there was no story to it.  Than this morning I smelled men cologne.  I liked the smell, but didn't identify it to anyone I know or knew.  Could this be someone I know or knew?

Thank you

Hello Heather,

Thanks for writing.

Please be careful about believing that what you think you have in your home is really what you're dealing with. Seeing, hearing and feeling are not reliable senses when it comes to spiritual activity. If you have not initiated this contact or others in your home, you must assume that something uninvited has stepped into your life. It may also be responsible for various encounters you've experienced over time through continual deception.

The fact that it is starting to interrupt your sleep is not a wholesome development. It's a red flag for me as well as the confusing character presentations - a man via cologne and a woman at your bedside. Don't buy into the obvious conclusions that spirits are coming and going. You're dealing with one entity.

You don't know this entity. Its not a loved one. It's an invader. Would you want a live unknown human being to enter your home without invitation, especially at night? Do not allow spirits around you under any circumstance if you can't discern what is good and what is bad.

You are vulnerable to negative energetic and physical attacks when you're open, accepting of spirits, and trusting of appearances. One relentless dark entity can project a variety of guises to convince you they're something else or a group of different things.

Focus on learning your own gifts and how to use them. Also focus on Divine protection. Work with God and heavenly allies only.

I suggest you peruse the following books to better understand what's going on around you from a practical perspective.

Divine Guidance - Doreen Virtue
When Pigs Move In - Don Dickerman
School of the Supernatural - Ryan Wyatt

In the meantime, don't engage, communicate or otherwise entertain yourself with invisible visitors. Complacency, tolerance or acceptance gives an unspoken permission for something to lodge itself in your life. Once encamped with you, the spiritual activity always escalates and takes over.

I hope this empowers you to protect yourself with calm, determined resolve. Use your gifts for good purpose helping the living not engaging with negative and destructive factors toying with you. Put your faith in Light not Dark. You have work to do for the Divine. Find out what that is and go for it!


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