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Hi there! I have a question about things that have been happening to me in the past couple years. Before I ask it, let me give you a little background on this question. When I was about 12, me and my dad were driving home from water-polo practice. I was comfortable in my chair listening to the radio, when I suddenly felt like I had just meditated and watched the street light next to me go out. Sarcastically, my dad said, "Ryan, stop putting out the street lights", but he didn't know that at the time I really wanted an ability to manipulate electricity. So, I tried to another one go out, this time actually focusing on the light. To my surprise, I watched the light go out after slowly dimming. I was able to do this for about 3 more weeks, when my "ability" eventually stopped working. This was saddening to me, and I decided to take a break from using the ability. A year or so went by and when I was taking a make-up test for my bio-class. I finished and began to read some articles on the wall, when I got that meditative state feeling and began to shock anyone or anything I touched. That went away shortly after as well. More recently, (now I'm 16) I was taking an English final and suddenly got the idea to try using this ability again. I wanted to try and see if I could singe some paper by creating a small current and figured if I had this ability the minute I smelled smoke I would stop. I never smelled smoke, yet I did feel like energy was leaving me, and my body began to feel as though I were being electrocuted. I've been called crazy by someone I told, yet I know that my aunt can see auras and my bro might be telekinetic. I also know that I have precognitive dreams, so I wonder if all of the "electrokinetic" episodes were all in my head. Thanks for answering.


  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts, Paranormal Phenomena with your question. The episodes that you describe I would have to put down to coincidence merely due to the fact that it has happened so infrequently. The incident with the lamp that was slowly dimming was likely due to a burning out bulb as that is the way that they die out. They don't blow like a household bulb. They cycle going from on to dimming to out and then after a spell light up again. The lamp will go through this cycle until it finally dies out for good. People who seem to put out street lamps are known as SLIders [the SLI stands for Street Lamp Interference]and the reason that I know a bit about this is because over the years I have been near or under approximately 100 street lamps and have them go out. Now some were due to the aforementioned dying lamp, so of course I dismiss those [about 5 in total] and some may have been due to lamps being on sensors that will turn off lamps [usually on a corner] if they do not sense traffic to save electricity [again about 4 or 5 in total] leaving about 90 lamps that I have been in the proximity of when they have gone out for no apparent reason. I can not do it at will but have noticed that I am usually heavy in thought when it happens. Thankfully I have witnesses to many of the events so people know I'm not crazy. There is a chance that through the years you may also find that more and more lamps go out around you. Should that happen then the chance of the events being pure coincidence lessens. As I say, only time will tell. In the majority of cases the SLIder is not consciously attempting to put out the lamp - it just happens, so my advice is to stop trying and see what happens.

  There is little known about the mechanics of psychical abilities. It is possible that psychic phenomena is a type of field or force. Unlike electricity and gravity, which work on the inverse square principal [that effect lessens by 4x as distance increases by 2x] psychic ability does not follow that law [which ticks a lot of scientists off].Psychic ability also seems to pay no attention to time and space. It may be partially due to electromagnetic activity or at least influenced by it. There is not enough research to say. However that is not to say that we can not effect electromagnetic psychically. After all, in the science of physics we have discovered that everything is electromagnetic in nature [with the possible exception of gravity and consciousness].And electricity and magnetism can be influenced. On a quantum level, psychic ability is similar to entanglement.

  You seem to be able to enter an altered state of consciousness. We all do, several times a day in fact. We "zone out", day dream, focus on a television program or the contents of a book or do a concentrated task such as driving. It is also possible that the psychic ability runs in your family - it often does. Your episodes seem to involve you entering an altered state of consciousness. If you possess psychic gifts, they are raw and would need refining.

  Given your age in combination with your hidden psychic ability, there is every possibility that you may experience mild poltergeist-like activity in your future for the next few years. It is known as RSPK [Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis]. This can occur to those going through the physiological, psychological and biological of the years between 13 and 19. Stress can be a factor and the teen years can be extremely stressful.

  In closing, I am aware that there are those who seem to be "electrical". They can break appliances just by being near them. It is however extremely rare. If there is anything else that I can help you with let me know, especially if you begin to experience RSPK or "haunt-like" experiences, as chances are that there is no "entity" present, but rather you yourself influencing the atmosphere. Don't stress out too much and all should be controllable.

Take care,

Greg Pocha, All Experts, Paranormal Phenomena  

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