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Paranormal Phenomena/after major surgery saw many orbs in icu


I am female and middle aged. I had to have major surgery a few years back. Immediately upon awakening in icu/recovery i looked around the room and whirreling around the nurses and my bed were hundreds of small white lights. They were moving fastly in every direction. I closed my eyes hoping they would be gone when i opened them again but they were still there. All i knew was that i couldnt move so leaving the room wasnt an option. I knew that i was the only one seeing them and was very scared that i was close to death. Thats what it felt like to me was they were there to either protect or to take me. The fear was overwhelming so all i could do was close my eyes and let happen what was going to happen. My question is 'do you think that was a spiritual experience?' Or was it just the medications?

Dear J.C,
     How are you? Hop you feeling well. Unfortunately i am not able to give you good answer for this particular question. Small white light is usually a symbol of protection. Since you were taking medications (like pain med, antibiotics) it could be related to medications. You probably get a better answer from a doctor in this case or a doctor who knows a little bit about spiritual matters.
         God bless you
         Mathew, S

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