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Okay, so last night I had this dream and in my dream I was in my room the overhead lights were off but the light from my computer monitor was casting shadows on the walls. I was standing there staring at them when it took the shape of a tall man in a cloak and wide brimmed hat, it moved of the wall so it was standing in the center of the room with me, it lunged at me and I ran trying to turn the lights on with no success as the switch wouldn't work, trying to make noise to wake the others in my household but no one came, as I reached the kitchen I could hear it calling after me. calling my name. I know I spun around to face the entrance of the kitchen and I know it was there but thats when I woke up, screaming.
Now I've had nightmares my entire life so typically I just let it go and move on, but this one was very vivid and never have I woke up knowing the name of the things my mind creates but this time I did, this time I woke up with a name - "The Shadow Man".
So naturally my curiosity got the better of me today and I typed it into my Google search bar and was very surprised to learn about Shadow People even more surprised to know that the name and the exact appearance of who i dreamt of was a well known thing considering I had never heard of either before today.
I was almost ready to write it off as just another nightmare until I brought it up to my father just now who said that this has in fact happened before, when I was younger I refused to sleep alone out of fear of a "Shadow Man" who wore a "cape and hat". I have no recollection or memory of that happening when I was little but it does have my nerves on edge now.
So my question is should I be worried? Or am I just blowing a bad dream out of proportion?

Hi Brittney,

Thank you for writing about your nightmare.

I deal with negative entity investigations most of the time. These are inhuman spirits and seeing or dreaming of them, in my fifteen years of experience, means there is a potential problem in your residence. Shadow creatures can be black-gray mists, multi-sized black blobs, black orbs, quick flitting misshaped or partial people and full-bodied black silhouettes of humans.

Of the silhouette variety shadows most often seen are entities wearing pointed head cloaks, cowboy hats, bowler hats, cowboy hats and top hats. Then of course there are hatless human-like shadow figures of all sizes as well. In aggressive cases shadows can have monstrous forms meant to induce the most fear.

Entities can mimic anything but usually use their own particular guises. A shadow is energy not substance so taking form is only a matter of what type of deceit it wants to perpetuate with you. Often they begin as something innocuous and ghostly in your home - an animal,a child,a kindly looking elderly person, etc.

Once accepting of an invited or uninvited spiritual visitor, the paranormal activity begins to escalate. Eventually it becomes personally directed to a single person and on and on it snowballs. The intent is to confuse, paralyze and weary you until you accept living with even the most dangerous of spiritual co-habitation and your life becomes its life. Emotional, mental and physical depredation occurs to you the whole time as well. It's subtle and accumulative with negative affects.

Your gut is already telling you something's wrong. Listen to that. If this entity has been around you as a child, the chances are you are still in the company of something unwholesome. The way to beat this is to protect your self with Divine assistance and to educate yourself to some basic facts about dark entities. You have to be calm and fearless. You must not engage it, communicate with it or make it a part of your life. Instead of focusing on it, focus on heavenly help and God's army of Light. Don't get sucked into obsession, fearful or otherwise, about your possible predicament.

Read some good books that will explain things to you:

When Pigs Move In - Don Dickerson
Clean House, Strong House - Kimberly Daniels
Protecting Your Home From Spiritual Darkness - Rebecca Systema

Knowledge is power. Take time to digest this information because it will give you confidence about your power to eradicate this situation.

Take Care,

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