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My whole life, I have had some sort of "gift", I guess you could call it. I can see things that most people cannot see. Even when I was younger, I could see different colors floating around, shadow people, and rarely, people who looked like living humans who would just disappear.
One experience I had at around the age of 8 was this: I was on my way to church with my mother when I saw a tall, heavy-set African American man with an afro walking along the sidewalk. I remember he was wearing a red shirt and jeans. I asked my mother if she could see him, and she had no idea what I was talking about. He disappeared out of nowhere, never to be seen again.
An experience I had when I was about 12 years old was this: I was in my backyard with my friend. I shouldn't give her name, so I'll call her Sally. It was nighttime, and Sally and I were just walking around my backyard when we got a bad feeling. I felt negative energy towards my treehouse, so I looked over there, only to see some orange, veiny creature with sharp teeth crouched over. My dog began to bark at it as he was backing away. I asked Sally if she could see it, and she could. She has a "gift" of seeing things like I do. We screamed and ran inside and never saw it again.
I have one more experience I would like to share with you. I am almost 17, and this happened to me a few weeks ago. It has been bothering me for such a long time, and I would really like your help. It was about 7 AM, and I was on my way to pick up my boyfriend for school. I was driving by myself, and I saw an old, fragile-looking woman in a nightgown standing nearby the road in the grass. I had a strange feeling about her, so I slowed down to look at her face as I drove by. Her eyes were abnormally large, oval shaped, and pitch black with no whites in her eyes. Her mouth was a normal size, but hanging open. Her nose was small, almost to the point where it was only two holes. I had this strange feeling of terror, like she looked through my soul or something. I drove away, then looked in my rearview mirror. She was running in the opposite direction, not in a fashion that old women should be able to run. When I drove back by the place where she was after I picked up my boyfriend, she was nowhere in sight. This experience is the one I was mostly worried about and wanted help/answers.
I'm sorry for writing so much, but I didn't want to leave anything out, and I really need your help! Thank you so much. Feel free to email me as much as you want.

Hi Brittany,

Your gift is called 'clairvoyance' and millions of people have it these days, which is lovely.  

The African man sounds like a ghost, still 'living' the life he had when he was alive.

The coloured lights floating around .. were they balls?  We call them spirit orbs now.  They are not frightening, just pretty.

The negative energy being you saw .. might have been an elemental being, or a nasty entity called an astral larvae ... I'm glad you stayed away from it.  They are unusual, and best to be avoided.

The lady in the nightgown .. might be someone who had been dead a very long time, or simply very nasty when she was alive.  She might also have been a demon, or a daemon, which is a human created entity that can look like anything it wants to, but often takes on the likeness of the person who created it.  Best to stay away from them too.  As to whether she could look through, or into, your soul .. its unlikely.  She ran from you.  If she had been a threat, she would probably not have run away.

What help do you want from me?  I can suggest two things .. they are energy shields, easy to create and nice to learn and use.  They'll keep unwanted entities from around you.   You'll find them on that webpage.  And then there is my site - you might want to look around and learn?

In the meantime, if you have questions, you know where to find me.

Love & Peace

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