Paranormal Phenomena/Ghost haunting my baby?


Alright, Let me first start off by saying that this is in my parents home. My girlfriend and I just moved back in with my parents about a month before we had out baby girl (Adalyn). In the past my mother bought a stand up mirror and where she put it in the house, strange things started occurring. She had it in her back bedroom and when the mirror was back there, the Tv, stereo, and other electronics would turn on randomly. Her door has a door stop in front of it on the carpet and it would be moved and the door would slam when no one was in that part of the house. So, my mom put the mirror upstairs in our bonus room. No one used the space up there so it seemed like a good place for it. Once she did that, the abnormal things stopped happening. That is why we joked that we thought the mirror could in some way be harboring a ghost/sprit... On to today, My girlfriend and I moved into the bonus room with our daughter who is now 6 weeks old and strange things are occurring again. For example, my girlfriend was using our breast pump and the intensity got turned all the way up and she had not touched it. another instance, Adalyn was asleep in her crib swaddled and my girlfriend and I awoke to her crying/screaming. The blanket was laid flat over her face and her pacifier was at the other end of the crib. There was no way she could have wiggled out or anything because she was sleeping in a Woombie. Lastly, today we had placed Adalyn asleep in a boppy pillow on top of an ottoman and ran downstairs for a few minutes. My girlfriend heard Adalyn screaming and ran upstairs to check on her. Once she got upstairs, she found Adalyn on the floor and it looked like the blanket that was over the boppy pillow that Adalyn was asleep on had been yanked out from beneath her. This is another instance where she couldn't have ended up on the side of the ottoman if wiggled free. Something or someone would've had to lift her over the large pillow she was nussled down into.
With all these strange things occurring, We just wondered if Ghosts/Sprits are attracted to newborns? We feel in a way that something is trying to harm Adalyn. I just wanted to touch base and get some feedback from someone who deals with paranormal instances more frequently than we do. Thank you for your time regarding this matter!

Hello Jordan,

Thanks for writing. There has been something in the home for about seven years. It is not connected to the mirror. You have made that assumption and this negative spirit is reinforcing your belief that the mirror is the cause. The entity came into the home during a stressful period of activity happening in the home.

This is a very unwholesome energy manifesting there and the baby is being subjected to some disturbing paranormal activity. Your concern is well-founded.

I suggest all of you pray together that the spirit is removed from your home immediately. On my end I will also pray on your behalf so we combine our efforts at Divine intercession. This is serious and needs to be addressed quickly. I'm sure you'll know the difference in your home environment within 2 days of your prayers.

I suggest you read the book Protecting Your Home From Spiritual Darkness by Chuck Pierce to help prevent any further infestation.

Take Care,

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