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HI, I live in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) in my apartment in a large building. Every since two years strange things have been happening. I always look for answers, but haven't come up with them. Over two years ago I found a bunch of long black hairs in the drain of my shower with pieces of wood. Every since then I have been finding long black hairs all over my house. No one has a key to my house (I had the locks changed) and I don't know ANYONE with long black hair. One day when I got home from work all my shoes were scattered around the house, I have had my dogs for 11 years and they never touched my shoes before. This happened a few times and suddenly just stopped. One day I took my butter pack and it was empty from the fridge, while I knew 100% certain that the day before it had more than enough butter in it. While in bed one night, two plasic bags were next to my bed. Suddenly I heard that someone or something stepped on one of the bags. I checked to find out if something had fell on them, causing the noice. Couldn't find anything, a few minutes later it happened again. A scard hanging on a chair started moving from left to right by itself causing my dog to go beserk, he just went mad. The most obvious thing is the black hair though, it just keeps popping up everywhere....what is going on??

Hello Kimberly,

Thanks for your patience with my response!

This problem is an inherited one because of your coming into the apartment building. There is paranormal activity throughout this complex and if you ask people living there, some will admit to having experiences as well.

It pops in and out. You must take care that it doesn't decide to stay in your place permanently.

There is one entity. The hairs are being brought in and strategically placed as an anxiety inducing tactic. This is not a wholesome spirit and you need to protect yourself and educate yourself as to what you're dealing with.

I suggest you read the following book: Protecting Your Home From Spiritual Darkness - Chuck Pierce.

You'll be fine if you concentrate on not engaging it, remaining calm and using prayerful requests for its removal. Don't focus on it too much. Work to seek the Light when you're afraid. This is your power base.


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