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Hello there, since 2 years ago i've been feeling weird things around me, i can see shapes all the time around me, they can touch me and talk to me, i can't sleep during regular hours, i only can sleep in the mornings, I'm having cold shivers all the time and when I'm trying to concentrate to relax its worst because they can put some kind of pressure on me. i've been on the edge of the suicide this spirits or demons don't let me rest and I'm feeling that I'm loosing it. what can i do?

Thanks for writing Juan, First off, I highly recommend that you immediately see a therapist. If this is bothering you that much. You need more help then I could possibly ever offer you from a simple blog of sorts. I ask that you speak with your doctor and discuss this with him or her. Please write me right away to let me know that you went and spoke with a professional therapist or Doctor. This is serious Juan and I am concerned about you at this point. I will be more then happy to help you out with the paranormal end of things, but first I want you to get everything else under control first please.  

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I can answer most question pertaining to the study and research of the paranormal. I am not just limited to questions about ghosts, but I am willing to answer questions about any strange and unexplained happening. The question I would try to stay away from answering would be that of religion and or politics. Neither of which I would like to argue about in a public forum type setting.


My experience in Paranormal research is vast. I have been researching the Paranormal for over 15 years now. I have great knowledge with The Tech. side of things. I have helped co-found two separate research groups as well as certified through Flammel College. I have served on the "Monday Night" education panel on the Haunted Voices Web Radio program and well as was a contributing writer for the web site. I am the Current President and Director Of the group PARS.

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