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QUESTION: Hello...My friend has been having horrible nightmares for years. The things he is seeing are vivid, sick, grotesque,gory stuff, mutilation etc that he would never even thought up in a million years let alone dream about?

My first thought was since I never heard of a case as serious as this that the paranormal may be involved. An attachment or demonic entity? I told him he should see a reputable psychic but he is reluctant. He sounded very interested at first now it's like he doesn't want to even discuss it? Manipulation? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated...John

ANSWER: I don't answer questions like this; dreams are not paranormal activity. Without accompanying activity, I can't even say it is. I think your friend needs a psychologist or try sleeping somewhere else to see if the dreams follow. Sorry I can't be of much help.

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QUESTION: I want to apologize, I misread your answer when you said "Without activity"
Yes this is usually the case but not always. He has had some paranormal activity and has seen shadow people. Shadow people are seriously negative entities and can cause nightmares. That said I just figured you would ask some questions? Again, I'm sorry for misreading your answer and then venting a bit Lol!  Have a good one.. I will find the answer...

There is a big difference in a haunting and what is considered demonic activity. My experience is limited to the latter, which is why I do not respond to questions involving demonology. Negative activity does cause bad dreams, but I just don't have the right answers you need. The "Dead Files" TV series deals with this sort of activity; perhaps if you're familiar with it, it can give you some solutions. I hope you find the answers you're looking for.

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