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A few questions for you:
1.Do you think science will ever 'catch up' and one day be able to acknowledge the existence of other planes of existence? Much as we discovered atoms, the intelligence of insects, etc.?
2.I am becoming interested in the Kabbalah. It offers explanations for a lot of paranormal stuff. How do you feel about that?
3. When paranormal investigators try to communicate using a 'spirit box', most communication from the 'spirits' seems to be negative-like they don't want us there. Do you think they are in a 'hiding' state, and don't want to be bothered by the living?  Is it possible their world overlaps ours, they can sense us but we cant sense them, and because of guilt or fear, they don't want to take that next step 'into the light'?
Thanks, God Bless, and keep up the good work!

1. Yes. Keep current. In Quantum Mechanics several theories are already in the works about adjacent universes. As for all of main stream science, they will when they are confronted with the data supporting it.
2. It's a Jewish religious work. I think if you are Jewish, and trained in its proper use by a rabbi, it would be a beneficial tool for your spirituality.
3. This whole question is problematic. These devices employ an AM or FM receiver, with the tuning bias transistor disconnected causing them to scan the AM or FM dial. Meaning human generated voices and syllables. Living human generated voices and syllables. Where is the switch that says normal/paranormal? What evidence do you have that it is spirits? This assumes many ridiculous things, such as we sprout a radio frequency transmitter upon death, are somehow magically able to modulate voice onto a carrier, then magically change that carrier frequency at the exact moment your radio is randomly scanning it. Tests on these devices have shown nothing paranormal about them. Any EVP picked up is picked up via the crappy unshielded audio preamp of the radio amplifier. It doesn't constitute evidence of anything. You have no evidence of its source. Tests by our lab clearly showed the source was exactly what was expected. Radio broadcasts. Additionally, what have the operators done to eliminate human intent as the cause? At this time, after studying these devices for over 30 years now since SPIRICOM started this whole nefarious phenomena of talking to toasters, we have been unable to prove any paranormal activity being the cause. These devices are sold for entertainment use only. They have to do that legally because there is no evidence supporting that they are picking up voices from dead people. The voices that are picked up are well within the realm of random chance when compared to all the utterances that aren't "hits".
I am a scientist. To date, there is no objective proof of any communication with a dead person. The3re is evidence of information emerging via a wormhole type construct. But its source is based soley on content, which is weak subjective data.

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