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Hello Mr. Pocha,

I have a simple question regarding afterlife. Can consciousness exist after the death of the brain? If not, doesn't that pretty much end the whole "Life after death" issue? looking forward to your insight! Thanks in advance.


  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena with your question. Actually your question is not simple as you indicate, but rather complex, controversial and subjective. The study of consciousness has been undertaken by scientists including some open minded quantum theory physicists, medical professionals and specialists, a handful of neurosurgeons and neuropsychologists and others including parapsychologists and those involved in near death studies and its related fields.

  It is possible that consciousness may be more of a "field" or "force" rather than a "thing" associated with the material brain. It is possible that it is more than electrical impulses and bio-chemical reactions. This may explain why psi phenomena seems to not lose strength over distance. Lets use telepathy for example. If one so gifted sender were to send a mental image to two people, one in the next room and one 10,000 miles away it is possible for the message to be received at the same time regardless of space [keep in mind that this is merely an example]. Now if the signal were a bio-electrical impulse it would have to follow the inverse square principle. [In a nutshell the force diminishes by the square of the distance. Example: Two units away equals 4 times less force. You can search the principle if you need more information]. However psi phenomena seems more closely related to "entanglement", a principle that defies space and time as we know it. Again, entanglement is something that you can research. Like entanglement, psi phenomena and thus consciousness, may act like Einstein's proverbial "spooky action at a distance."

  Another thing to realize is that all that we consider consciousness actually exists in a nearly non-existent brain, a brain that , like our bodies is not only not "solid on an atomic lever but is actually nine to the thirteenth power "empty space". To see what that looks like we are 99.99999999999% not here. What our bodies are actually made of is microscopic, and our brains are only 2% of that! Our consciousness already exists in a nearly non-existent microscopic group of atoms - atoms which incidentally are not living to begin with!

  Although the critics and cynics of afterlife studies have their claims as to why the afterlife is nothing more than a fallacy, those who take the time and effort to get off their rears and actually research the event do have interesting and convincing evidence to support the possibility of the continuation of personality and consciousness after this nearly nonexistent shell of a body shuts down. Is it empirical absolute proof? No... and researchers will be the first to admit that they may be in error [unlike pseudoskeptics and cynics who haven't the ability to ever be wrong]. True science is the act of ongoing exploration, whether that exploration falls into public appeal or not. I can not say if the living will ever know what happens when we die. The truth will be the truth whether it is obvious or not.

  So to answer your question [finally] Can consciousness exist without a living brain?... it is possible. As I say on my web site, "Upon birth we are given a key that eventually all, without exception, must use.
That key unlocks a door, behind which lie the mysteries of death." That being the inevitable case we'll all know the answer one day.

  I hope that this has shed some light on your questions. If there is anything else that you feel that I can help you with do not hesitate to ask.

Take care,
Greg Pocha / All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena
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