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Hi Greg
For the past 2 years I've been seeing this black figure around myself.
2 years ago I saw it for the first time it was always for a brief second or 2.
It follows me around it's not in one particular place. About 4 months ago I saw the figure at night and it went into the toilet, I thought I was only seeing things so I went and had a look in the toilet. As I was in there I saw nothing and the I saw the figure appear and leave the toilet at a very quick rate. I've seen it a lot more since then at night and day and at work. I don't feel scared when I see the figure but I want to try figure out what it is. It never speaks to me but sometimes I can here someone calling my name.


Hello Sean,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena with your issue. I am replying late due to the fact that I never received notice of your pending question as apparently AllExperts has recently changed mail servers and problems are being worked out. I also was just leaving for a 530+ km trip out of province when the notice finally did arrive. Of course after a long dull drive the wifi at the motel had the strength of a 3 volt battery. Ah, the life of a paranormal investigator. Finally I can reply!

  When I answer a question such as yours I try to approach it from a variety of angles. Things are only paranormal when any and all normal causes fail to offer a reasonable solution. The first thing that I will tackle is that you may be having issues with your eye sight. Believe it or not I have suggested that to others and they have had their eyes examined and indeed vision issues were discovered. However, as you are only seeing this shadow in a specific location I will rule out vision issues stemming from physical vision problems. Eyes should be checked regularly in any event.

  I know of experts who would immediately jump to the conclusion that what you are seeing is a demon or an "elemental". Is there a chance that it is the presence of something not human or not ever "human"? Yes {does that by default make it evil... of course not}J ust because something is shadowy and dark in no way implies that it is evil, malevolent or demonic. It means that it's physical appearance is shadowy and dark - period. Something appears dark when it is absorbing light and / or not reflecting light. When a ghost appears as a full body apparition it requires two important things. 1- The energy to do so [light is energy] and 2- it requires a sense of one's self. You do not mention the size of the shadow. If the shadow is closer to the floor, say dog height, the shadow is usually that of a dog or other animal. They appear shadowy as most animals do not have a cognitive concept of "self". And yes, humans exist with the same condition, possibly due to mental defect, or not having the strength to fully materialize. There may be environmental factors involved that prevent full materialization.

  There may be a physiological reason for the apparition however that is not caused by physical vision problems but rather by the effects of electronic pollution. There was a psychical researcher who stated that the reasons that more ghosts were seen in and before the Victorian time was because there was less electronic pollution in the form of radio and television interference back then. [I am sorry that I can not remember his name and I am 500km away from my library]. BUT - I feel that this same pollution may be an underlying factor in the increased sightings of shadow apparitions. Let me explain...

  I must assume that the conditions of the afterlife haven't changed much since the beginning. I that I mean that there are no technological advances being made in the ghost realm. The fact remains that the reports of shadowy type visions [I hate the term shadow people] has increased over the last decade. [True, this is partially due to the fact that information can be shared across the world today in the click of a button]. So if things have not changed in the ghost realm... things must have changed in ours. What has changed over the last decade? An increase in electronic [namely electromagnetic] pollution. Cell phones and wifi signals are nearly unescapable in a modern, first world, developed society. [Shadow figures are not reported nearly as often where this technology is lacking], Cell phone and wifi signals are microwave frequencies. These microwaves are quite capable of penetrating the skull and effect the brain, in particular the temporal lobe. The temporal lobe is the main player when it comes to hallucinations and one of the main hallucinations caused by this lobe is that of - you guessed it - shadows. Sean, I am not saying that this is the case with you, but it is a possibility that must be ruled out. A handy app that you can download is a wifi analyzer. When turned on it shows you what wifi signals are in the area and if the app is picking them up, so is your temporal lobe! People with temporal lobe sensitivity are prone to react in some degree. Incidentally, the effect on the brain can last quite awhile after the source of the wave has been removed.

  Again, because the activity is location specific other factors such as infrasound [sound below the human threshold of low frequency hearing: -20Hz.] and sensitivity to  electromagnetic fields must be considered. Both can cause visual hallucinations.

  It is interesting to note that in the cases above [microwave interference, infrasound and high EMF sensitivity] that auditory hallucinations are possible, and the most common auditory hallucination is that of hearing ones' own name being called.

  Finally you must be aware of what you are doing prior to seeing the shadow. Are you watching TV or using a computer or staring at a cell phone screen. The adjustment of the eyes from a screen to regular or dark light may cause shadowy shapes as the eyes adjust. Remember that we do not see things... we see light being reflected from things. The actions of cones and rods in the eyes can make things appear beyond normal at times.

  You will need to do two things to rule out normal causes. 1- Figure out what changed two years ago. Did you acquire more electronics, move them so that they are closer to you, spend more time with a cell in your hands or a pc in front of you, did a pet die, have you had a stay in a hospital? 2- Start keeping a record of what you were doing prior to seeing a shadow figure each and every time it appears. Not just what you were doing just before seeing it, but up to an hour before seeing it. Look for a pattern.  

  Okay, let's suppose that the rational explanations fail and what you are seeing is an apparition of a ghost. Let's say that this is an appearance of a deceased being. It seems more curious than harmful. Had it had evil or malicious intentions you would have known it by now. Believe it or not one of the most effective ways of dealing with an unwanted entity is to simply tell it to go away. Often the pomp and circumstance of a formal ceremony is unnecessary and is more for the living than the deceased. However it can come in handy in more difficult situations and i can send you the information if you require it. I do not believe that you have to worry about this entity or energy doing you harm. As a rule, ghosts are harmless. They can however be royal pains if they want to be. Ask your guides, guardians and gatekeepers [astral bodyguards] to keep you safe and protected. I further encourage you to write to me personally at so that I can get information out to you on how to invoke the protection of your guardians and how to remove unwanted energies from your home. i do not give that info out in a public site as this.

  If there is anything else that I can help you with please let me know. I hope that this has in some way helped shed a little light on your circumstances. There may be errors in this reply as I want to send it before the motel wifi fails and do not want to take the time to edit. Cheers!

Take care,  

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