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Hello, I have had a number of psychic experiences but i will focus on one new one that i have recently experienced...hearing loud and well composed 20's jazz/big band music in my head. I had asked a question in my mind before i went to bed: "why do we think in words and in our own voices?" that morning i awoke (eyes still closed, lying on the bed)my body was vibrating as it does before an obe is achieved but also my head was tingling aswell and mostly on one side (dont remember which side was more tingly) i then heard one instrument begin to play and after a short time more instruments were added to the repertoire. It was as loud as being at a concert but not uncomfortably loud. The music was as crisp as it could be. There were multiple instruments including trumpets and clarinets and a few other instruments which i cant name , the music was very well composed and could have been a hit song of that time. The music started in my head and then moved downwards from my head towards my neck and chest expanding and creating a feeling of euphoria when the music was about to reach my stomach i realized that singing was about to occur and it became apparent to me that i did not actually know where this music was coming from and i became afraid and yelled in my head for it to "stop" which it did. immediately. (looking back i wish i had just kinda gone with the flow because it really was a beautiful experience) i am curious what this music is and what this experience was about ? thank you. :)

Hi Tina,

What an amazing experience.  :-)  The energy of everything, and I mean everything, is created by music.  You could think of each living person, and every spirit, as being a song of their own devising.  Perhaps your 'song' is jazz, or jazz was part of who you were in the far past (past lives), that is having an influence over your life right now.

My mother tells me that when I was about a month old she could hear humming coming from my crib, and went and checked, and she said I was humming to myself.  There were no radios or music in our house, but in my mind there is always music.  Quite often it defines my mood, and sometimes I get cross with it and ask for a new song, and one generally appears.  I am told that many people have silence, or monkey-chatter (a constant voice), in their mind, but mine has always had music.

The vibration happens because your spiritual body runs at a higher frequency than your physical body and they have to catch up when you come back into your body after OBE's, or you get the sense of your spiritual self leaving your body (the higher frequency) as it happens.  There's no problem with that.

As to why it happened.  You asked a question, you were given an answer.  Do you like Jazz?

Love & Peace

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