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QUESTION: Hi I was told over a year ago that I have several spirits in my house.the phenomena id been having is 7 months ago a distant like knocking on inside if my bedroom walls.i felt it was a spirit warning of some ind and ive heard paper being you feel thus was spirit and can you pick up on who the dpirit might be? Thanks it means alot to me to know

ANSWER: Hi! Thanks for your question! :)

I'm familiar with knocking on the walls as being a confirmation that evil is present. The crinkling of paper seems to be indicative of a portal of sorts oftentimes opened by tantric yoga practices. Do you practice anything like that? Astral travel, eastern arts, etc? Keep in mind, I'm not psychic. So I can't determine what is in your home but based on my experience it's going to be on the evil end. I would refrain at all costs from attempting to communicate with it through spiritism, psychics, etc and by all means stay away from Oujia boards. Only thing I'd advise is asking God to free any trapped spirits to take them home to be with Him or do with them His will.

I believe I can provide you with pertinent information to rid yourself of this phenomena but I need a little more background information from you.



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QUESTION: hi adam yes over the past few years well last winter before  i had been attending a spiritualist church alot and yes last year i had talked to several mediums . one of them told me  had a few spirits in my house namely my grandfather a strong female engery gggggg so on grandmother or aunt and a female native spirit. i did do a form of yoga practice too about a year6 months or so ago. it was a japanese guy called kenji kumara and while i was doing this meditation i had felt my neak being moved almost as if an unseen force was massasging it. i threw the oujia board out i know those are bad i last used that about ten years ago and i did some automatic writing a few months back. i guess i shouldnt have messed with that stuff at all. can you please give me some basic info on doing a house cleansing? i have sage as well. is it possible that any of my decessed relatives might be around? my emotional mental and pysical health has been going down hill quite a bit too. on and off mind you i have emotional problems from this guy friend i met. hes half native actually and one of this friends told me he practices native medicines and that he put a love spell on me. i also wanted to ask is it possible soneone could have put a curse on me? if theyre practicing native medicines? thanks

ANSWER: Wow! :) So you've got a lot of spiritual gunk in your past! No wonder you're tormented child. :) What did the "gggggg" mean? Not being funny at all here when I ask if you did that on purpose, was it a stuck key or was it possibly automatic writing?

A few things have changed in my life since I filled out my profile. I'm a deliverance minister now. All those things that you mentioned can give satan the authority to torment you. It sounds like he took advantage of that very thing. I'm not exactly sure if you didn't pick up some attachments along the way. Fact, I'm leaning toward the idea that much of your activity is internal rather than the house. Which don't get me wrong, if you were engaged in that then you got some stuff in the house as well. When you play with a Ouija board it basically opens a portal from the pit to your home. I believe you can be freed of all this but based upon what you've told me we may have some work ahead of us. Let me ask you a spiritual question. Have you ever had a born again experience with Jesus Christ? Wherein you feel the Spirit nudging you to repent of sin and ask Christ into your heart?

I think the very first order of business, even if you haven't is to go through some curse breaking. Have you ever done curse breaking before?

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QUESTION: hi adam no dont worry the ggggg i hit on the keys i meant so many great great great great grandparents.  i havnt had a born again experience. im totally not into going to church though. ive tried over the years and its not my cup of tea and i dont like religion. also my mom had reared me in that horrible jw religion for years. so ive had my fill. i do however pray to jesus almost daily sometimes and ask him to take any evil out of my house. ti did get baptized as a normal christian last june and was attending a non denominational church but i dont like church. ive always been more spiritual between me and jesus sort of thing. i know the oujia was a bad thing that was about ten years ago though. i think your right my problems are more internal cause i have been going through some emotional abuse with a boyfriend and my sons. so your right it is mostly internal. i have never had a born again experience but i tend not to want to lead to church. i do pray though.

Don't feel bad at all. Sad to say it's almost a rare event nowadays. The power has gone out of church. And you probably picked up some spirits out of the JW church. It is a false religion no offense but you probably already know that. Are you capable of video chat like through facebook or gmail or anything? A conversation might be a little faster than this thing. This thing for the most part is set up for questions that have easy answers to. This will be more of a process. The fact that you believe in Jesus Christ is a plus and you are ahead of the game. We just need to get the Holy Spirit moving and move on your heart. Let me know if you are able to video chat or talk. I'll include my cell if you can talk. I have a few sensitive questions for you. About to eat supper at the moment but, and it's 6pm Eastern here, I should be done in an hour or so. Maybe even 45 min.  

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