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QUESTION: Hello Greg

Im a 60 year old retired paramedic.I was raised in a private home built in 1960 on what was a farm. My Grandfather built a home on one side of the land and built one for My parents when they got married in 1946.

I am well read in the field of Earth and Space Science however believe in the paranormal.

To summarize > On My Mothers side of the family We all have a special sense that varies from person to person. As a child I noticed various signs of paranormal activity in Our bedroom. Mom use to keep a nightlite on for My Brother and I .

This room had one closet and Francis and I each slept in our own single bed.One night an apparition of what I now know whas of an a native american. He was standing in the doorway with His arms outstretched and had what appeared to be a bear skin and including the head section over His body. It went down to His top lip. He just seems to stand there for a few minutes then vanished.

Another time I awoke around 3am on a hot summer night and felt a hand over mine.With My other hand I could feel a mans hand over My other hand yet their was no one there as the night lite was lit.

On many nights I would have a nightmare that their were insects under My blanket and they covered me. I would jump out of bed and shake off the blankets even though their were no actual insects. The same thing happend to My Brother although not as often.

When I was around 11 I woke up one night and looked toward My closet and their seemed to be this open whole in the door that was lit up like a fluorecent lite It appeard to be a passage way that went downward. A minute later this black thing appeared out of the whole , it looked like a black mass.

I let out this scream and it everything vanished a second before My parents ran into the room. They kept telling me it was just a dream. To make matters worse My Mother had left the steam iron on the board and it fell on My Dads foot pointy end down.

A year later My Dad died of a massive heart attack,I have No clue if the iron could have caused some type of embolism etc. At 17 and 15 My Brother and I moved out of the house when Mom remarried. My Mother turned that room into an antique room.

For the last 30 years Mom has been dowsing in that room with the circle of letters and a wedding ring. She claims She is speaking to Her spirit guide. I still see paranormal activity once in a while, curtains move , artifical flowers move plus sounds etc.

I told Mom she does not realize what She is inviting in or whom She is dealing with. Yet She says oh its just My spirit guide and its not evil. Sadly Mom is now 89 and this is Her only companionship so My hands are tied.

All My life I have had nothing but bad luck / illness etc etc. I wonder if their is a dark force their that caused all the issues in My life !  Im open to a suggestion and eventually I will have to move there when Mom can no longer live alone. Heaven help Me.

At the moment Im in extreme grief as My 11 year old sheltie was put down. I hope their spirits live on and that We will be reunited some day. In closing having grown up in that house was a nightmare and their have been some other bizzare events around that block.  Any opinion would be appreciated, how to protect Myself and Mom etc. Can this house be eventually cleaned of these forces ?


Hello David,

  First of all I would like to thank you and let you know how much I appreciate your patience in awaiting this reply. As I stated in our first correspondence I was travelling out of province and was having bad luck in securing any type of wifi signal for more than a few minutes at a time. I always travel with a lap top to answer questions and emails I receive but luck was against me this trip. Again thanks!

  Your childhood home does seem to have had it's fair share of activity. You indicate that your mother and consequentially her children are psychically gifted . True psi ability seems to run in families. I am sure that this has played an important role in the observations that were make there. Events may have come and gone unnoticed by those less gifted.

  In regards to your dreams regarding the insects – I am going to say that the nightmare was nothing more than that. The fact that it was shared by your brother is interesting from a psychical point of view, but that does not make it anything more than a dream shared between two people telepathically linked. It is not the dream, but rather the psi link that is of interest.  This telepathic link is one of the reasons that some rare people are able to communicate with ghosts and spirits. Ghosts and spirits are the continuation of the mind and a mind link can exist between two or more people whether there is a living enclosure of those minds or not. This is a reason that the Society for Psychical Research, who originally only studied psychic ability became associated with studing mediums and the afterlife. Interestingly, not all those with psychic gifts can contact the deceased, but most mediums are also psychic.   

  Your encounter with the apparition of the Native American is interesting from a parapsychological point of view in that you did not recognize the man for what he was until years later when you were better aware of what a Native American might look like. This initial unawareness lends more credibility to the event. I would not be at all surprised if this person were not a guide as logically, a Native American spirit would have little cause to journey to the British Isles and make an appearance without motivation.  

  David, I would not worry about the incident with the iron being the cause of your fathers death. It is likely nothing more that a freaky coincidence and nothing more than that. According to the World Health Organization heart problems are the number one killer with strokes running second. The chances that a clot remaining undissolved a year after the fact and going to the brain are practically null.

  Let’s move on to the present and the future. I understand your apprehension about your future move into your childhood home. Your concerns are warranted especially because of your mothers past and current communication with the spirit and ghost realm. After all, in concept and essence, the pendulum / letter arrangement is a ouija board. Keep in mind that despite all of the hype against ouija boards, they are harmless if used correctly. They are a tool as any other tool - safe if used correctly. I have no concerns in regards to your mothers use of such a tool. First of all, there is no reason to believe that the spirit with whom is is communicating is not her spirit guide. If that is the case then the communication is harmless and actually safe. A true being from the light would do no harm to the living. As a matter of fact, it is the guides presence that may be keeping less desirable entities from coming through, as where there is a guide the is usually a gatekeeper [astral bouncer / bodyguard]. Of course I have no idea of how much protection she has so the possibility of some type of negative energy or entity is a concern, albeit in my opinion a small one. If a negative energy was present, the "it" would have hit the fan by now!

  On a slightly different note, when it your mothers time to move on to the next world she will have her guide there to help her over. That is a blessing as she will not be tempted to remain earth bound and risk becoming a ghost. I would not be surprised at all if she didn't know when her passing was near as she would most likely be aware of those who were gathering to bring her over. If she speaks of family and friends waiting for her, then realize that she is not hallucinating. She may speak to them aloud and see them and hear them. It is really beautiful in way, knowing that she will not be alone and that she will be going to a better realm than we can even imagine.

  In regards to the room, my only other concern is that the room is being used to house antiques. There remains a possibility that one [or more] of them had an an attachment ghost. Ghosts are usually associated with places, objects and people. In general attachment ghosts are benign and harmless. If what they are attached to is being treated well they have no issues, however there are those who are so attached to the object that they are angry that anyone else even touches it let alone own it! If your mother had a sort like this she would have known it soon after acquiring whatever object the ghost was attached to.  That does not seem to be the case here. However, if whatever object is altered or misused even the most harmless ghost may make its anger known. Again, not an issue in this case. So my concern is that if a cleansing is done, an attached ghost may get royally ticked off that one is attempting to separate it from its object of desire. In that case the ghost would have to be reassured that it can stay with its whatever as long as it wishes as long as it remains quite.  A ghost like this will go with the object if it is sold.

  David, I would do a cleansing of the property when you move in. If done properly with concern about the well being of any attached ghost the cleansing should pose no problems – its all in the wording and the presentation. There will be certain things to do and certain things to avoid. I can help you with this when the time comes.  I do not give cleansing information out on a public site such as this, but would be more than willing to get that information out to you directly. I would have to reword some of it as to not offend any attached energies. Otherwise the ceremony is easy and the things you'll need easily found. For the information please write to me directly at
or through the Eidolon Project Canada web site contact page at

  In keeping with your earth science education, you may want to see if the property is on a ley line. That would be interesting just to know! I hope that this reply was worth the unfortunate wait. Do not hesitate a second to contact me if there is anything else that you feel I can assist with. I look forward to hearing from you in regards to the ceremony info.

Take care and warm regards,

Greg Pocha,
All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena

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QUESTION: Greg I live in the USA not England and there were native americans all along the Blackstone River Valley.  The man that purchased this property hung himself before He even built on it. My grandfather purchased this property from His family. SEveral people in this area took their own lives.

I have always sensed a strong sadness in Our house etc. I believe their are both good and back spirits here. I have experienced negative energy many times. Nothing but bad luck. I realize that clinical depression is genetic however all 4 generations from Grandma to My Daughter the ones who are sensitive have suffered from clinical depression . All four of us have had a most difficult life , as I type Im going through a grief over a loss of a loved one.

Good and bad things happen in life however its just been misery and sadness. I may be suffering from mental illness howevere Im not nuts. I do wish My elderly Mother would stop tinkering with the paranormal however She sees it as a companion because She lives alone.

I hate that house unfortenately I will end up having to move there in the near future to care for Her. Too many bad things have happend in that house and on that land even My Grand Parents house next door. My gut feeling is that their is somekind of negative entity there.

It is My belief that some entities feed of the energy of sensitive emotional people. For some reason their is a link between the mental illness and the entity or entities. I am totally emotionally and physically spent. One side note regarding clinical depression is that people that do not suffer from it have NO idea just how much suffering is invovled.

In closing I do believe their is some type of negative force on Our property and it has and is affecting Our lives. I also believe My Mother is keeping it alive by dabbling in this area. My hands are tied so to speak. Around 15 years ago a paranormal investigator and Her group wanted to drive up here to Rhode Island to investigate Moms home however I lost touch with them and that never happened. She was from I believe North or South Carolina.

I do thank You for answering My letter however I wish their were someone closer in Your field. As for Mom I know I will never be able to stop Her dabbling in the occult and as for the antiques in that room they were NOT there when that room was My bedroom as a child when all this activity was occcuring. I feel like Im living in a perpetual emotional hades. Im also frustrated as a Catholic and I do pray yet it continues. I ask God to protect Me from this energy etc. Im just  plain out of luck with no solution. I fear the future here and have no idea what will happen. I may never find the cause of this activity.


Hi David,

  Rhode Island... now I remember. Once an expert clicks to answer the question, the location disappears and with three questions waiting, one from England, I lost track. My bad.

  Believe me I know how clinical depression affects and runs in families [my family included] friends, associates and how it is misunderstood by those who do not have it. There is still a stigma attached to depression as many still do not realize that it is a chemical imbalance in the body and had nothing to do with a persons sanity. The endless trials and errors with medications alone is enough to send most people screaming. The chemical and bio-electrical activity of the brain are the major players with depression. The neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine and nor-ephedrine are the main players in depression.

  I am going to address the following to serotonin rather than nor-ephedrine or dopamine [all neurotransmitters]. In the mid brain is a stand alone endocrine gland known as the epiphysis cerebri or more commonly called the Pineal gland [due to its pine cone shape]. Serotonin is responsible for the manufacture of its derivative Melatonin in this gland. Both the pineal gland and melatonin levels have been associated with psychic abilities [the pineal gland is what may be referred to as the "third eye"]. Increasing serotonin / melatonin levels often creates psychic and other worldly phenomena. Compounds such as DMT [Dimethyltryptamine] for example have been linked to mystical experiences and is structurally similar to both serotonin and melatonin. More research is needed in this study and I am keeping on top of it.

  With the additional information from your follow up I can see why you are worried about the property. The various suicides alone will leave a negative impact. Usually when a dark energy is present you can expect someone who was mentally, emotionally and spiritually beaten in life. Even if the souls of the deceased have moved on into the light the very act of suicide can leave a dark, negative residual energy behind. However the chances of a suicide crossing over on their own accord are rare. Most remain earthbound due to fear of judgment, guilt remorse.... Those who have attempted suicide and have had a Near Death Experience often report an immediate feeling of immense regret and remorse about their deed. From that we can safely assume that those who commit suicide have those same feelings - but without the opportunity for another chance. Ghosts of those who have committed suicide are always a concern as they will feel in death those same woes that plagued them in life plus the new burden of guilt, remorse, etc.

  Obviously you are feeling their troubles due to your sensitivity and psychic empathy. That burden added to you own depression may cause an overbearing distress. However if you realize that for what it is, you will be better armed to cope and not give in. With this added information I more strongly feel that a need for a cleansing of the property is in order.

  Your fear of a negative entity on the property has some merit. There is a chance that the entity is nothing more than the collective negativity taking on an identity. It has been assumed by some mediums that when enough negative energy amasses that it can "come to life" and take on an almost physical presence. I personally am not a big supported of that, but that does not mean that it is not possible. The bad news is that negative energy creates more negative energy. The good news is that negative energy can be lessened and often eliminated with proper cleansing rituals. Sometimes more than one is necessary.

  David, I must warn you in advance in regards to your faith. Under no circumstances should you attempt to use religion to rid your property of anything that you feel may reside there until several generic cleansings have been done. There are too many accounts of people using religion, holy water, holy salt, and blessings by clergy that result in total disaster. I cringe when I read of another expert suggesting anything close to religion to rid a site of unwanted presence. Nine times out of ten the presence and haunting and activity increases. It may lessen for a period and then BANG, it comes back stronger and more menacing than before. Keep your religion and prayers internal, between you and your God - but until you know who you are dealing with do not direct your religion towards the entity. Not yet.

  I admire you for taking care of your mother. Try not to let the stress get to you. You are doing a good thing and that alone combats negativity in a big way. The stronger your positive pole the farther you'll repel the negative, so to speak.

  You are not plain out of luck in finding a solution, you just didn't know where to look. David, I deal with these things on a regular basis and believe me, I would not be doing this if I thought that precautions and solutions were not available or didn't work. I am here for you... it's that simple.

Take care,

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