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Paranormal Phenomena/Series of strange events culminating in object repeatedly moving in front of me.


QUESTION: I have experienced some recent events that I do not understand.  I do not know if they are related or if all of them are the result of some sort of spirit of ghost, but I personally feel pretty sure that the last event described herein was indeed an interaction with something or someone that I cannot see.  By way of background, I generally believe in things that cannot be explained and that some people have the ability to communicate with those who have passed.  I believe in God.  I also have in my life personally experienced some psychic events that have proved to me that sometimes, for whatever reason, I have gotten "feelings" about things that turned out to be 100% correct.  My mother has this ability as well but neither of us have hung out signs and become fortune tellers.  I just grew up in an environment that where we were open to such matters and not closed-minded.  My father, on the other hand, was very scientific and teased my mom about belief in psychics.  

I am a successful attorney (partner) at a big firm in a big city.  I live in a high-rise.  I have lived in the same home for 13 years without incident (to my knowledge).  I do not know what facts are relevant, but thought I would share a few things that might be pertinent.  Since August 2013, I have lost three loved ones.  

Don't laugh, but two of them were my beloved cats who died within one month of each other last August/September.  I was devastated.  They died just before my father passed away in December (my father, by the way, also was close to animals and his beloved dog died suddenly within hours - the same day - of his passing).  One of the cats I lost in September was like my soulmate - we had a bond like none other.  To the end, he was a brilliant and beautiful and mischievous cat who had an obsession with knocking things purposely to the floor.  He and I even would play a game where I would set something down and he would knock it to the floor and then I would pick it up and he would knock it down and it would repeat several times until he finally pushed it really hard and far (this may become relevant to my story - although these events did not "feel" like him, but what do I know?).

For horrible family reasons, I was not able to see my father before he died in December,  but believe it or not, I strongly felt that he understood and there was no doubt he knew why (he and I did not have problems - there are issues with siblings).  My father passed on a Monday morning, and the Friday before that, while I was getting ready for work, his college class ring, which I had had since I went to the same college, appeared in my dressing table drawer where I keep my daily haircare supplies.  It may have been there a while, but I had not seen it there and thought it was with the rest of my heirloom jewelry tucked away in a bag in a closet.  I had never worn the ring or taken it out for any reason - in fact, to my knowledge and recollection, I had not seen or touched the ring in several years.  Anyway, when I ran across the ring, I put it on my finger and saw it as a sign from my dad or from God that my dad was leaving but he wanted me to know he was with me.  I know that is nuts, but maybe it was just my own way of finding peace.  My grieving process has not been easy, but as far as these things go, it was not too bad and I had been grieving his impending loss for almost one year prior to his passing when his cancer was diagnosed.

Since he passed, I have been very busy and under a lot of stress with work and also with my discovery of and investigation into a large financial fraud that appears to be perpetrated using false invoices and corrupt employees.  I discovered this and have been spending every spare moment conducting my own investigation and preparing a report for authorities who are interested in proceeding.  As I have been working on this matter, I have been growing fearful that I had stumbled into something much larger than I had anticipated and the paranoid neurotic in me has decided I need to get this done quickly for my own protection. So needless to say, I have been careful about dead-bolting my door and not wandering the neighborhood alone.  Others close to me who are aware of what I have been doing have advised me to get a gun and have security systems installed (thus, the possible danger is not imagined, although there have been no threats or anything).  But while I am being cautious, I am not terribly afraid and I have two people with whom I am very close who take good care of me and keep an eye on me.

About a month ago, I went to see the Long Island Medium's live show because it was near my office and I just thought it might be interesting.  I actually was not certain I believed in her and had never even watched her TV show for longer than 5 minutes.  During the live show, I became certain that the whole thing was rigged because she happened to do very detailed readings of people who had loved ones die under circumstances where there would be a lot of online tributes and information (children dying in tragic accidents, etc.).  I was sure they had bought their tickets directly and she researched them online and was able to put together her show.  But then she passed in front of me on her way to talk to someone else when she stopped and said the following:  "Your father passed recently.  You have a piece of his jewelry.  He wants you to know that he was there  with you when you took it out.  You were not able to see him before he passed, but he wants you to know that it is OK and not to feel guilty.  You could not see him due to anger, but not anger between you two - anger within in the family."  That was dead-on and I merely just confirmed as she "read" me in passing.  Even though I believe in a lot of this kind of stuff, I still deep down chalked that up to good guessing (even though my tickets were purchased from a broker so she could not have researched me in advance).

Then last week, while I was working in my office (at my firm), my iPhone was tucked in my handbag as I was sitting at my desk where I had been for some time.  All of a sudden, I heard a voice repeating "what is your father's name.  what is your father's name" over and over again.  It was coming from my purse and it turned out it was the Siri feature, which I do not use and have never even accessed.  For whatever reason, that did not freak me out.  I just chalked it up to something in my bag must have pressed some button my phone, but I did wonder why of all of the things it could have said, that it said that.  I also have not been able to re-create the event or get Siri to say that again, but as I said, I do not know how the feature works.

Last Thursday, I came home from work to find some bright white dried material splattered all over my kitchen counter, the front of my cupboards, and on my kitchen floor.  It looked like dried Liquid Paper.  The only other person in the house and I could not figure out what it was.  It was odorless and bright white and dried like paint.  I do have cats, but cannot imagine how they could have done that and I have nothing like that in the house.

Last Friday would have been my dad's birthday and I was happy that an organization I am involved with published a tribute to him in their magazine which just happened to come out on that same day.  Those two things had me thinking about my dad.  On Sunday morning, I was perusing Facebook and an old high school friend had a link to her talented son's videos on youtube.  One of the videos, which I clicked on, was a music video their family did to the song "Cats in the Cradle" - a song about dads.  It was touching and depicted a father who was left at home thinking about his kids who now were grown up and did not have time to spend with him.  Of course, that hit me but I did not cry, but I definitely thought about my dad.

About an hour later, I commenced my weekend routine of feeding the cats and cleaning up the house.  A hairbrush was on my nightstand and I carried that into the bathroom and then was going to take a bucket out of the bathroom that needed to be returned to the laundry room.  As I flicked on the bathroom light, I set the brush down on the marble counter.  THE BRUSH QUICKLY MOVED IN A STRAIGHT LINE ABOUT THREE INCHES.  Obviously, that caught my attention, but I figured there must be some magnet or something that caused that, so picked up the brush again and gently sat it down and as I did, I FELT A TENSION AGAINST THE BRUSH - like someone was pushing it -and it QUICKLY MOVED AGAIN IN THE SAME WAY.  I repeated that at least 4 or 5 times - each time holding it up to stuff to see if there was some magnet causing it, and EACH TIME THE BRUSH SLID FURTHER AND FASTER ON ITS OWN.  I was still thinking there must be an explanation, when I picked it up and set it down one more time and this time -- as if to dispel any doubt it my mind -- THE BRUSH QUICKLY SLID ABOUT 12 INCHES ON THE COUNTER AND SHOT OFF THE COUNTER IN A STRAIGHT LINE AND LANDED THREE FEET AWAY BY THE TOILET.  Chills and goosebumps instantly covered my body.  I ran to get my phone to film it but as I picked up the brush and attempted to recreate it with the camera running, it of course turned into a normal brush - no tension whatsoever when I set it down and no movement.  I started crying.  My life is forever changed but I do not know by what or by whom or why.  I know if I tell anyone other than my closest family, that I will be deemed crazy.  But those who know me know that I am not lying.  I have never made this kind of thing up and am generally an honest person.  I am not in pursuit of attention.  I do not feel neglected in my life and am generally content.  I am not on drugs/alcohol and the night before this event, I slept well and felt good that morning.  I have never had any psychosis or mental illness and I have never experienced hallucinations.  There is no reason for me to fake this.  I am so afraid now that I was afraid to use my bathroom in the night - certain that whatever that was will continue to happen when I am alone.  PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE AND HOPEFULLY SOME COMFORT.  Please know that everything I said here is true and correct without any exaggeration.  I am worried this is all a sign that I am about to die because I saw a cnn article stating that some people believe that those about to die can communicate with the dead.  BTW, in case this is relevant, I am in my early 40s and am obviously a woman.



  Thank you for contacting me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena with the information regarding your situation. The reason that you are receiving this revision of my original mailing is because in that first correspondence I informed you that to properly answer your question I would require a bit of time to digest the information you supplied. Believe me, the detail is appreciated. The more knowledge I have about an issue the better able I am to assess it and to give it the best I have. In your profession I am sure that you are of the same school. I did not want to give you an off the cuff answer as you deserve more that that. Having "slept on it" I am now better prepared to offer my opinions on your situation.

   Please allow me to offer my condolences regarding your losses. I appreciate your feelings over the loss of your pets. I also have a cat that I am extremely close to, and she to me. I will not go into the afterlife without her and whoever goes first will be waiting for the other - and we'll continue together from there. That is my lead in to the high possibility that some of your experiences are due to your feline friend.

  There is no reason to believe that animals do not have an afterlife, and therefore have the same opportunities as human beings do - the choice to remain earth bound [the realm of ghosts] or the chance to move into the light into the realm of spirits. Of course i am not the first to think this. Animal ghosts may be the cause of low lying shadow "people" due to the fact that all but a small handful of animals are "self aware", and a fair bit of what is termed poltergeist activity. The issue of an animal becoming a ghost is quite likely as an animal has no concept of "life or death". It simply "is". If one has no cognitive knowledge or concept of death, one can hardly be expected to recognize it when it occurs. Therefore an animal may close its eyes in this world and open them in the next without realizing that physically, somewhere between, it has died. This is further complicated by the issue of their surroundings remaining unchanged. Everything remains familiar to them because in essence, they are still on earth. [Note: this series of events can occur in humans as well depending on a number of factors - these are known as "unaware ghosts"].

  Now from the cats point of view. He laid down and fell asleep. After passing he opened his eyes, and got to his feet feeling better that he ever did in his life literally. He ran over to you expecting attention and was totally ignored! His food and water are missing [although he no longer needs them, they played an important role in his life I am certain that he is over the food issue by now]. However he didn't, and still doesn't, understand the fact that his companion no longer associates with him. Your cat obviously had the personality to give your hair brush a final punt sending it off of the counter. [There will be the skeptics who will say that the whole event was due to static charges or whatever, and they are entitled to their opinion. However, even so, it is not normal for a static charge to do what happened in your home. And by default and definition, something that is not normal is paranormal]. The event is in keeping with your cats personality. Could the event been caused by you via psychokinesis? Yes, but in my opinion unlikely.

  Even thought there is every possibility that both cats are around. Whether they are interacting with each other, keeping each other company, or even aware of one another is impossible for me to say. An educated guess - they are keeping each other company, and that may be what is keeping the dominant cat from seeking too much attention. Cats are adaptive creatures as such will adjust to their new circumstances and environment in death as they would have in life. You can know however that they will be there waiting for you when it is your turn to cross and you can take them into the light with you. Until then you may occasionally feel their presence. Just talk to them as you would have while there were in body.

  Let's move on the the more human element of the occurrences. The events surrounding the passing of your father, although strange to you, are very familiar to those involved in paranormal and preternatural research, parapsychologists and psychical researchers. Keep in mind that familiarity does not constitute belief - that is an individual matter. At the time of one's death it deems possible for the departing soul to make their passing known to those dear to him. If the person is actually witnessed it is known as a "crisis apparition". This type of "ghost" usually appears at the time of one's passing and to those who were important to them in life. They can often appear to several people, regardless of distance between them, at, or nearly at, the same time [to my knowledge exact measurements have never been done as one rarely knows of the impending event]. However not all crisis experiences are apparitions. Sometimes it is the voice of the deceased that is heard, and occasionally, as in your case, there is a visual or physical "clue" that is presented in hope that the living will pick up on the meaning or significance. The ring obviously meant a great deal to both of you and your dad knew that once you saw the ring something would "click".

  This does in no way indicate that your father has remained earth bound. A crisis experience is a one time occurrence and is often a souls way of saying farewell. However, if you start to notice little things that may indicate his continued presence, such as the smell of his cologne or what have you, then he may be lingering. If that happens then a soft voice gently telling him that it is okay for him to go into the light would be in order. I will advise you not to go out of your way looking for so called clues. If you do so you run the risk of creating your own "haunting". Always remember that strange and weird things can and will happen and most happen because "stuff happens". Do not go about attributing every little thing as paranormal. A good example is the incident with your phone and the siri app. If this had happened to you a year ago you would have brushed it off. However in light of recent events the event has stuck in your mind. Thankfully you are rational enough to see that there was most likely no connection. You must maintain that attitude [and incidentally, good for you!] Also watch out for uncanny coincidences. Example, last week I also heard the song Cats in the Cradle. Mountains and mole hills.... However, should things happen beyond normal explanation or escalate contact me and we will take it from there.

  As much as I would love to I will not go off on a rant about pseudo mediums - especially since you have named a specific person, Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium. There are very few natural born mediums just as there are very few people playing concertos and composing piano pieces at 5 years of age. There are however some very talented entertainers [depending on what one considers entertainment] who love the easy money of mediumship. I do not put much credibility in what most psychics or mediums have to say. You are astute in your assessment of the the possibility of information being searched. In the old days certain mediums were part of a network that shared information. Most news was taken from society pages of papers. Although the method has advanced, the deception remains pretty much the same. The two things that mediums use most is 'cold reading' and utilizing what parapsychologists and psychologists refer to as the Barnum effect. The impromptu reading that you got was interesting but from a psychical point, not necessarily a paranormal one. Let's assume that Caputo actually has some type of psychic ability [I'm not stating that she does or she doesn't - wink, wink, nudge, nudge]. You have stated that there is psi ability in your family. Now if you get two people together, both with psi ability there is a greater chance that they will "connect" psychically. People who can connect telepathically, via GESP  [General Extrasensory Perception]or] or SESP [Super Extrasensory Perception] are akin to transmitters and receivers. It is easier for a walkie talkie to communicate with another walkie talkie than to a grapefruit, for example. If you and she made a psychic connection whilst you were both on the same "frequency' an explanation of the accuracy of the reading is in view. And there-in lays one of the problems of reading... is the medium receiving information from the deceased themselves, or is the medium reading the mind of the person they are reading 'making the very term "reading" more literal]. Although this is debated, I fall into the camp that supports reader reading the readee. My point is is that she may have been reading you and not receiving the information from the beyond. In order I would say 1- Barnum effect, 2- ESP and 3- cold reading.

  Incidentally, most mediums can read a person and their body language as easy as you or I could read a 'Having Fun With Dick and Jane' first grade book. She mentioned your father passing [taking your age into factor, the fact that you were in the audience of a medium and the fact that men die sooner than women she had a good chance of getting that correct]. At this point she likely read your reaction. A gifted "reader" can detect the change of size of the pupil of the eye on a hit or a miss. Who doesn't have a piece of a deceased parents jewelry somewhere? I have some of my mothers... somewhere... though there is little chance I'll ever be wearing it. Disagreements between relatives in the wake of a passing... common. "He was there when you took it out..." she stated - you're a lawyer... think about the validity of that comment. She can't prove he was and you can't prove he wasn't... a common "medium" trick. As for anger, it is a common reaction to a death. Reactions in grieving are similar to those in Kubler-Ross'es stages of dying, and anger is one of the five. But I said that I would not rant about mediums....

  This is important. The CNN information that you are concerned about has no bearing with your situation. Although I do not know of the program that you are referring to I am going to take an educated guess and say that it was about death bed visions and pre-death experiences. In events as those it is common for the dying to see those who have passed before them. These experiences are common in palliative care units and hospices. This is NOT what is happening to you. You are experiencing some mild paranormal activity and your cats, not knowing that they are physically "dead" are still doing their cat thing.  This is not a Banshee style warning of a visit by death. However, in the event you are Irish and you hear a woman wailing outside your apartment night on end 1- call the police and 2- prepare your will. All joking aside you can relax and rest easy. The CNN show and what you are going through are apples to oranges. Honestly, there is no death warning here.

  I hope that this has in some way helped you with some of your concerns. There are no solid "answers" in a subject as, well, subjective as paranormal research. It takes time to get over the passing of loved ones. Often the grieving is buried and assumed over, but it often silently lingers. That effects people. There is no such thing as "normal" or standardized grief. Like any other emotion we all express it in different ways. hang in there, you are doing fine. In closing I want you to know that I am here to help should you need any advice or answers to this or possible future experiences. Please excuse any errors in this reply; it's 4:30 AM here and my proof reader has long since gone home. I wish you well and all the best in your endeavors.

Warmest regards,

Greg Pocha / All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for your response.  It is very helpful and in fact comforting to know that this was most likely my cat, BB.  For what it's worth, my closest friend, who sort of was the co-parent to that cat and loved him as much as I told me that he thought the hairbrush was the cat because the incident was exactly the sort of thing that he did when he was alive.  I also think that it happening by the bathroom sink is interesting and perhaps revealing because my living cats (I am not a crazy cat lady) are going through a phase where they rush into the bathroom with me and get up on the counter by the sink and beg me to turn on the faucet so they can play in the water trickle.  It is just the current popular thing they are into right now.  The morning of the brush incident, the cats were in the kitchen eating their breakfast when I commenced straightening up and thus it was a rare moment "alone" in the bathroom without my cats.  Maybe BB was in there wanting to do what the other kitties do?

Also, for what this is worth, last August, after my other cat Wilbur died -- and just before I lost BB who I knew was dying of heart failure even though he was still robust -- a psychiatrist friend of mine gave me the name and number of a medium who does readings by phone.  I scheduled an appointment and in the first 5 minutes of the call, the medium said that my father was very, very ill and that his mother was coming through for that reason.  He then said the only other thing that came through was a "small male shadow" who said "he died at home."  Well, Wilbur died at home.  So, I asked him if it could be my cat and he said yes that made sense.  I thought and realize that it could have been a good guess, but then later in the conversation when we were just chatting, I mentioned Wilbur a few times and the medium stopped me and said that Wilbur loves when I say his name and that every time I said his name, the medium got a warm rush through his body.  He said that even though I cannot see him, that I should still say Wilbur's name when I am home because he can hear it and loves it.   That struck me because while maybe all cats know their names and like to hear their name, that was my Wilbur's thing.  He always had such a reaction when I spoke and sang his name and variations of it.  So, that gave me comfort that maybe my Wilbur lived on in some way.  

As a result, when BB died one month later, I actually said several times out loud for BB to give me a sign - to throw something to the floor or to break something - that would unmistakably show me it was him.  Right after he passed, there was a tipped over bottle of Coke spilled on my counter, and while my friend and I both hoped it was BB, we knew it could have been other cats since it happened when we were not there.  (BTW, it is the exact spot in the kitchen where the white stuff appeared last week).

My connections with my cats are strong and they also have been the means through which I developed some spirituality.  When I was a senior in high school, I had a cat, like BB, who was the love of my life.  He was hilarious too.  On my high school graduation morning, he was dead in the street right in front of my house, having been run over.  That triggered terrible pain and crisis for me.  I needed to know that my cat was OK and not suffering and that I would see him again, but some people said  that cats did not go to heaven.   I started asking everyone and got different answers.  My high school graduation date - June 15 - became symbolic and awful to me.  I blacked it out on my calendars through college.  For whatever reason, I remembered that anniversary more than any other.  Well, several years later, on June 15, as I always did on that date, I called my mother in the morning and told her to keep her pets on lockdown because it was a "terrible day" and this time, she said "yes, it is an awful day."  I knew something had happened by her reaction and I learned that my "first" cat who still lived with my mom had passed away in her sleep on the morning of June 15. That then became symbolic and meaningful to me - I thought maybe it was a sign for and to me that God was in control and had my kitties and it was a way of letting me know that they were indeed in heaven.  If I was not sure then, I became sure the very next year when on June 15, I returned home from a concert to find a message on my answering machine from someone who lived in my building but whom I did not know who said that she had seen me with my cat (Wilbur) once in the hall and that while she did not like cats, she knew of a similar-looking (same orange color) kitten who needed a home and would I be interested.  This woman was not a cat lover and was not involved in a rescue organization.  Back then, I did not get offers of cats (I do now since I have become involved and well known in some rescue organizations).  I instantly saw it as a sign and of course adopted that kitten who turned out to be BB.  Thus, I always say that God "took" two cats from me on June 15 and then gave me one that embodied the best qualities of every cat and human I had ever known on June 15.  BB loved strangers and strangers loved him.  Tough men who hated cats instantly fell in love with BB because he was so naughty and interactive.  This cat would pull my hair with his mouth and lift me head off the pillow to wake me up to feed him if I even dared to sleep in an extra 30 minutes.  He lived to break things and watch them fall and shatter.  He loved tipping my Diet Pepsis to the point where all beverages had to be consumed from bottles with caps.  BB loved his life and did not want to die - that part is too painful for me to explain.  But he purred CONSTANTLY and as soon as he saw me.  His purr was so loud that it could be heard over the phone by people when BB was sitting 4 feet away from me.  So, if BB and Wilbur (who loved each other, by the way and for the longest while were my only cats) are still around, and if they are content, then I am a happy person.

As for the other "signs" - Caputo and Siri -- as much as they seemed like signs on the surface, for some reason, I doubted them.  Caputo looked down at all my jewelry as she was passing before me and that seemed to trigger her to ask "who is the mother figure" and I replied that my mother was alive.  Then, she launched the father stuff, but by then, I thought it all was a product of her seeing that I clearly was into jewelry.  So, I answered her questions with one word and unlike the others, did not give her leads beyond that.  I needed to hear something more specific - something my dad would actually say.  I have a lot going on that he would want to address and if he was able to talk to me through her, he would have addressed those substantive issues.  But the brush - the brush was definite and something even I cannot deny.

Thank you again for your help and expertise.  I will let you know if anything else happens.

Hi there,

  You certainly have some interesting accounts. As for the cats going to heaven, I suppose that that is an opinion that can only be based on individual ideologies and of course biases. Heaven is more of a concept. Afterlife is the supposed continuation of personal consciousness and personality. It is assumed that higher, more intelligent animals do continue with existence after death. Cats - yes, cockroaches - no, rats - doubtful. Taking into account of those that have undergone a Near death Experience, they are often greeted by family, friends and pets.

  When people go through a NDE the souls that they encounter are always those of deceased people or animals. If a person who had both a living pet and a predeceased pet were to under go a NDE this moment, he would be greeted by the predeceased pet only, ruling out wish fulfillment.

  Of course it can be argued that there is no guarantee of an afterlife for any and all living beings, human and not. That is why research by dedicated groups and individuals in this field are important. And with out experiences such as yours to keep the hope to discover that possibility alive, most would just give up the search. We should be thanking you, and I do. You know how to find me should you need me. Take care!


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