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I have bit of an issue that I have more than one succubus I believe in my life let me tell you what happens in my life if I can and you decide if it is or something else. I come to you as read your website and you come across as knowing your facts.

Ok let me tell you what happens in my life for me to consider succubus. First off I am touched by hands I can feel but can't see, have woken regularly where I can't move at all, have been strangled so that I can't breathe, have had a female voice speak using my throat also to a lesser degree use my voice to speak to me, when I shut my eyes I see dark shadows as if standing over me. The way they communicate can be very delicate sometimes taking over for lack of a better term and either nodding or shaking my head in response to my questions or its forceful again taking over and actually use my mouth and throat to speak and tell me things where my voice is used and changed some times its just a change in my tone of voice other times my accent has changed and have had a female voice once or twice come from my throat. I have seen at the very edge of my vision only once a creature half the size of myself at first peeking around a door frame at me when ever I turn to get a better look it ducked out of sight for a good five minutes then ad it peeked around the door frame I turned andsaw it fully where I saw that it was the darkest gray even it's clothing which looked to be part of it and the clothing it wore looked to be a jester of old and it's face was broad and flat with black eyes I can't describe any better as it was all dark in colour, I am played with sexually but won't go into that anyhow at first it started with me waking up and not being able to move also being strangled as I sleep where I wake and just couldn't breath which lasted for a year until one night as I lay in bed I started to feel some one touching me. At this stage I researched on the net and thought it was a negative entity so when I was being touched I used to speak and insult it until it stopped which is when after a few months I saw the imp creature and just after I had that close look at it I had sparked up a cig and was thinking in what I had just seen I saw on the tip of my cigarette sculptured from it a tiny figure of an angel, sounds weird even to me it's unbelievable but after I saw that tiny angel that's when they started to communicate with me and made more of a presence but at first I just insulted and told them to Fuck off where they responded in kind, this went on a few good months I couldn't stop it but did funny enough get to them as plenty of times they responded with just shut the Fuck up until I was just sick and tired of it I asked if we least could be civil with each other as I didn't have a clue what they were doing in my life and if I can't get rid of them we may as well try to get on. Sounds unreal but from there the really negative things like not being able to move and such stopped and hadn't happened since also they even explained that itvwas possession of the mind they used when speaking with me so not to be alarmed also that they were demons the girls being succubus but still demons and have spent many nights in conservation with them where they have warned me that there is a new menace the energy vampire a seeming normal person who can leech off your vital energy feeding and they asked me to research on the net the different types so i am aware also that there is no real defence against them just throw them out of your life when you find one also they used a different language some times telling me it was sumerian and that I should look it up which I did and found that it was interesting enough to learn a bit of the language which they encouraged me and have had me look up mental telephy telling me I am empathic and that's my problem they yell me as I broadcast all the time to them, they have told me lots but should have given enough info for you to decide what's happening in my life oh forgot to say the entity who is female who speaks regular is called Estella the other girls haven't named them self's and male entity's and one in particular tells me to look at him as a father figure and at the last which they told me is important is I keep faith with God and my religion I've never been what you call devout just open is all but hey there is lots more so what do you think? Ivam crazy? Do demons and succubus exist? I asked some one off a site which delt in supernatural who said I was under demonic possession and needed to pray certain prays and invoke my guardian angel to help, after I did all that Estella told me that it was rubbish I can't get rid of them basically so here I am and thought why not ask some one who is clued up on the demon side of things so any advice for me would be much appreciated.

Yours sincerely

Scott mitchell

Hello Scott,

I apologise for the delay in answering.  Yesterday was busy.

Yes, succubus are real, to answer your subject ..

You allow entities to use your body to pass their messages through.  Why do you do this?  What happens when you refuse?  I would certainly refuse negative entities, just because allowing them to do so sets up a form of attachment that is not healthy for living people, and nothing they say can be trusted.

There's nothing new about psychic vampires.  They've existed as long as humanity has existed.  Their so-called newness is just another lie to fascinate you.

Empathy has nothing to do with telepathy.  Telepathy is mind reading, empathy is being able to sense another person's emotions.  You don't need one to do the other.

I wouldn't look at any demon as a father figure.  Nor would I give them any more access to your life.  They only mean you harm.

Demons told you to keep faith with God?  Which God?  Old Testament or New?  

You don't sound possessed, just at the beginning of harassment.  Better to stop it before it gets any deeper.

Why can't you get rid of them?

And then we have the Michael Invocation, which will help to clear your energy, and you are going to have to do it every day for a couple of weeks, just to reinforce the fact that you don't want to be harassed by entities that are not there for your greater good.  

This following webpage has energy shields on it.  I suggest you learn them and use them, just to help.  

Tell me how you are going in a few days.

Love & Peace

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