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A couple years ago I was staying with my father and his girlfriend at the time I was sitting in the kitchen at the computer and they had went to bed turned the tv and everything else off they had a surround sound system with a radio and as I was sitting at the computer the radio turned on for a second cut off and I told them what happened anf they said it was just a power surge and I said ok and waljed back to the computer anf it happened again and by then I just turned the computer off and went to my room I had the door open tv on and they had their door shut and as usual and something caught my eye I look and it was a blacker than black horned shadow figure with piercing red glowing eyes and I was so shocked with fear my whole body locked up and I was pouring cold sweat and in the blink of an eye it appered face to face with me and grabbed my leg and smiled and its hand glowed red and blistered its hand print on my thigh and dissappeared and I havent seen it since but I was wondering what you think it was because ive been looking for answers for years if you could please help with some kind of answer o would very much appreciate it

Hello Madison,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena with your question. I have to question whether or not this event was at all due to anything demonic. I am going to have to suppose that there is no evidence of the hand print other than your word for it. If that were to happen to me there would be enough photographic evidence to fill a small town library. I would have it witnessed by anyone and everyone present, even if it meant waking the entire household. As it stands the evidence is hearsay.

  Be that as it may, there are experts on this site that will tell you that the black form, the shadow person was an elemental or some other such thing, in that it was an entity that was never human, and yes, that it may have been a demon. If that is the answer that you are looking for, they will gladly supply you with such an answer in the guise of giving you expert advise and in the hope of getting the all coveted rating of 10. In other words, they will tell you what you want to hear. That is not to say that evil and malicious beings are not in the ghost realm. But although they might play the demon card to fill whatever need they have, they are not "demons" in the traditional sense.

  Your father might not be far off on his power surge theory. Not that a surge was responsible for the action, but that electromagnetic fields may have played some role in what happened. I have noticed that as environmental pollution in the way of radio waves increases, so does reports of "shadow people". Your cell phone and any other wireless device use radio waves in the form of microwaves. Just because we are not tuned into them does not mean that they are not all around us. These waves penetrate flesh and bone. [If you don't believe me place a cell phone between you and a friends abdomen and hold each other closely so that there isn't any gap between your bodies and the phone. Have someone call you and the phone will ring. The waves thus penetrated through your bodies] That means that these same waves penetrate the brain and the temporal lobes. A common temporal lobe hallucination is a shadow entity! Another thing that you can do is to download a wifi analyzer. I use one when I am doing an investigation to see just how many signals are in a particular area to rule out the possibility of environmental factors that may cause haunt like sensations. To be honest, as I type this reply I have 10 different signals, all in the microwave range surrounding, and penetrating me. I am fortunate not to be overly sensitive to such EMF radiation. That does not include the numerous AM and FM radio frequencies that are all around me, whether I have the radio on or not!

  The reason that I bring this up is because you had been exposed to these waves prior to your experience. So without physical evidence of the hand print I would put the whole thing down to the possibility of a "waking dream". A waking dream is exactly what it sounds like. You are asleep but you are dreaming that you are awake. In this state sleep paralysis may not kick in so you may be mobile and lucid. You can appear and act very awake, but you are in fact sleeping and dreaming. People have driven cars in this state! It may only happen once in a lifetime, or it may be a chronic parasomatic disorder. If this is what happened to you then it seems to have been a one time occurrence. Perhaps this is why an answer has eluded you despite years of searching. You were looking for a paranormal cause to a physiological event. In this event the hand print may have been self inflicted. Again, that would not be unknown in a situation such as yours. A self inflicted mark would appear other worldly upon waking from such a state and would leave a temporary mark viable to you and others for a period of time.
Without more to go on - this is my educated opinion of what likely happened.

  I hope that this has shed some light on the event of your past. If you have any evidence or other information that you feel could sway my opinion I will be happy to consider it

Take care,
Greg Pocha / All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena

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