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I'm not even sure where to begin with this, but me and my mom were talking about it and we think there might be some sort of connection to these random things I'm about to tell you.  I'll start with my great grandma on my moms side.  It was told to us by her daughter (my grandma)  that she would take naps and see things in her sleep  that she claimed were messages from God.  She once described computers perfectly (keep in mind she saw these things back in 1948)  and she had also described other things from the future on various occasions.  I remember Another story about her where she saw two horses fighting in the sky, one was white and one was black...If I remember right it was during a war.
Her daughter (my grandma) said that after she past away she would still see her in the hallways pacing and wringing her hands in worry, she knew when she saw her doing this that trouble was coming.  Because she would only see her right before something bad would happen.  Aside from all that I have just told you  random and strange I'm still happen to me and the women on my moms side of the family.  My grandma has seen an entity in her new house, it was a faceless woman that was dressed in clothes from the Victorian era.  My aunt who lives with her hears banging in her room all the time and has also felt something sit on her bed. I experienced that myself when I spent the night.
I have seen something strange in almost every house I have been in, and so has my mom and sister.  rather it be, of the ghostly type of experience or seeing something in our dreams.  One experience that we really wanted to share was of the same type of incident that happen to me and my mom.  My experience happened back in 2002 and my moms happened in 2008 at different locations.  I will describe mine and then I will let her describe hers.  
I will start with mine....I was 19 years old and I was living with my mom.  I had gotten up to use the bathroom one night, just before I was about to sit down I felt a strange sickening feeling.  It started out weak and then all the sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I laid down on the floor and felt completely drained of all energy and then I realized I couldn't move.  I tried to scream but I couldn't.  but all the while this was going on I was completely aware of what was going on around me.  It took a few minutes but it eventually passed, but to this day I can't explain it.  and after that occurrence I experienced more strange things.  I have been through several medical exams in my life and nothing unusual has ever been found.  
Now I will let my mom tell her story.......
In 2006, my husband and I moved in with his mother to take care of her until she passed away with cancer in 2008. I felt the same experience that my daughter felt except I was already in bed when it felt like my energy was drained and I was completely immobilized. I tried hard to move and couldn't move a muscle. Then I tried to scream but couldn't make a sound. It was a very strange feeling and I felt like my body didn't belong to me anymore. It wasn't like I was possessed, it was more like I was restricted from all movement, sound, and energy. It lasted for a few minutes and then released it's grip on me. I was left shaking and crying so it took a while for me to settle down and fall to sleep. But I want to say that I was NOT asleep when this occurred. I had just gone to bed. This has happened 2 times in my life and both times the same events occurred.
These are just a few of the experiences that we have had, my sister has also had experiences with other strange things.  I would love to go into detail about all of them but then It would be like I was writing a book.  If you would like to know about more experiences we have had let me know and I will gladly share because we are looking for answers.  Any help you can give is greatly appreciated.  Thank you

Hello Amanda,

Thank you for sharing so much personal info about your family's experiences with the paranormal.

I believe that this is a case involving a long-standing lineal entity attachment. It goes beyond your Great Grandmother's life and the origins may be as far back as seven generations including you. The reasons for the first attachment involved some sort of cultural disaster going on at the time and persecution of people/groups. Your branch of the family genealogy is the target.

In your case, females are the primary subjects and the entity progresses through the line via newborn children after the last generation female victim passes. In any case, female children are still afflicted with activity at birth and are used as lateral targets until their adult passes. Sometimes several girl siblings may be affected or just one. This situation has arisen not because of any occult activities in the past but because of vulnerabilities of the original victim long ago.

All the shared events you describe are classic inhuman entity activities and the same paranormal experiences are used over and over by one entity which indicates its personal method of operation. Repetitious strategies are used to deconstruct families, break down the willpower and initiate mental, emotional or physical distress. You don't have ghosts. You have an entity showing itself in false guises to confuse you and make you intrigued, communicative and comfortably complacent.

Fear is your worst vulnerability right now. Please be aware that not fighting back to remove this creature is considered an invitation for it to stay. Without active resistance with Divine help, you are unconsciously conceding union with the entity. Go towards Light assistance rather than give energy to the Darker force by merely coping, acquiescing and being manipulated by fear tactics. Guard against being on the defense (reactive action). Go on the defense (initiating action). You can control this situation.

You must also learn to use your psychic gifts properly with Divine protection. Only God can remove entities once they have established themselves in your life and your gifts must be used in line with good deeds and service to others His way, not independently for personal power, glory or against others. Strengthen your relationship with God. This isn't about religion. It's about your soul and who you want to own it.

Knowledge is crucial along with prayer, constantly seeking outside help with the situation and fierce determination to be free of spiritual terrorism. I suggest these books for you all to read:

1. Purging Your House, Pruning Your Family Tree: How to Rid Your Home and Family of Demonic     
  Influences and Generational Oppression - Perry Stone
2. When Pigs Move In - Don Dickerman
3. Protecting your Home From Spiritual Darkness - Chuck Pierce
4. Clean House, Strong House - Kimberly Daniels
5. School of the Supernatural - Ryan Wyatt (psychic skills)

Your question will definitely help others in the same position.


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