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hello, could you please give me some help on this?, a few weeks back my mother saw an eye inside a ball of light above the door frame in her bedroom one night, as she moved around the the room the eye followed her watching, she told me it didnt look human almost animal like, after that alot of horrible ghostly things happend in the house in which she managed to record a conversation of ghost talking!, she later got a priest in because this thing was nice at all, but this could you shed some light on what the eye ment?   thank you kind regards danielle

Hello Danielle,

This could be many things and there are many factors to be considered.

One of the things that comes to mind is called a watcher. This is when someone sends an entity to watch another person. This is done using ritual magic or even astral projection.

It could also have been someone in the astral planes as many people do not appear human.

Without knowing all the facts it is hard to say. You can let me know more by completing this questionnaire.

Has all the ghost and paranormal activity stopped now the priest has visited? What was said in the recorded conversation?

best regards,

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