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QUESTION: Hi Christine,

I wouldn't say a lot of strange things are happening in my apartment, but a couple of things..My security alarm keeps going off in the middle of the night even when every door/window is completely closed. We have had the company come and investigate.. the whole system is in perfect order. but it still won't stop going off in the middle of the night. It is always the window next to my side of the bed. Even if we don't set the alarm before going to bed, it will still go off. It has been almost 3 weeks now and I haven't slept thru a single night since then. It goes off usually around 1:30AM or 5:30AM.
Things that I put in a place are not there when I look for them and turn up at the same place a little while later...
Apart from these 2 things there is nothing major.. but I would really like to know about the secuurity alarm.



The expert that you originally sent your question was unavailable to answer you. Therefore i shall attempt to help you. If you wish you may wish to resend this question again at a later date.

As you have stated you have already had the alarm system checked out by the security firm. Now I would have the wiring checked by a qualified electrician - not just the system, the entire residence. Perhaps something is shorting out the system. Shorts have been cause of many homes being burned to the ground, not to mention possible loss of life! Better safe than assuming that this is paranormal in essence.

Another thing that I would check for is the possibility that your system is being activated remotely by infrared signals (a neighboring system or remote garage door opener for example. Usually when the cause of electrical malfunction is due to paranormal activity it occurs at the same time but your system is going off at any old time indicating to me a system malfunction or the system reacting to outside interference. Take a look around and try to find anything that may set off the alarm from vibrations to birds to what have you. Eliminate the normal to make room for the paranormal.

However, you should not discount paranormal activity all together, unless the stress of the alarm going off is causing you to inadvertently move objects and forgetting you did so. The way to be certain is to keep a written account of what is moving. I would also use a trigger object. This is something small that you place in a place where it will not be moved by person, animal, breeze or vibration and to carefully trace around it. Watch for movement. A deliberate attempt to prove or disprove activity is better that all the assumptions on earth. That is the scientific approach. In the long run that proves more than suggestion and subjection.

If you feel that this energy should be cleared, then a simple cleansing ceremony is in order. But first of all get in an electrician. After all, you may be given a warning from a spirit to get it checked out before disaster strikes.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you Greg, for your reply. We have had technicians check out everything from the fuse box to the internal wiring within the apartment. Since it is a managed rental community , the company that owns the building has initiated several checks all around. They havent found anything. and it goes off either around 1:30 or 5:30. There are no single family homes near the apartments... just more apartments, so no garage openers or anything.
I have tested moving things as you suggested. My purse disappeared.. right out of the bar counter top near the kitchen.. no one was even in the house except me at that time.. I went crazy looking for it and it turned up right on my bed of all the places...
I am not sure what to do next.

ANSWER: hi Sam,

Thank you for getting back to me with the additional information. I realize that at times I seem to nit-pick but because of my involvement in paranormal investigation I have developed the habit of eliminating as many rational reasons for activity as I can. Then I can focus on what may be paranormal in nature.

I am glad that you have done so much of the leg work in that you have already had the system checked for any faults. It does sound as if there is some activity in your home but I would like to have you answer a few questions to give me a better understanding of the situation. Please do not include any personal identifying information.

1- You state that you were home alone at the time of the purse incident. Therefore I surmise that there are additional household members. Could you give me their ages and sexes? This is to look into the possibility of what is termed poltergeist-like activity, namely Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis [RSPK]

2- How is the security system activated? Is it motion activated? Can motion from inside the house activate it?

3- Is there a possibility of someone in your family sleep walking or having other episodes of altered states of consciousness? Medication that may cause sleepwalking?

4- How long have you resided at this location? When did the activity at this location start?

5- Has anyone [or a pet] close to you passed on prior to the activity?

6- Have you or anyone in the residence had a hospital stay prior to the activity?

I look forward to hearing back from you so that we can get to the bottom of what is happening in your home.

Ciao for now,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thank you for your answer.
I have a 2 kids under 8 and 4 a girl and a boy and my husband ( 42).
The system has sensors on the doors and windows, no sensors inside the apartment. If the doors or windows are opened, the sensor goes off.
No sleepwalking or medicines in the family so far. I am the only one up and running at that time to turn the alarm off.
we have been at this place for a little over 3 years, but this has started only since the last 3 weeks or so. No hospital stays or anyone passing over recently.

Thank you for helping me figure this out.


Hi Sam,

  Sorry about the delay in this reply, I was on my way to investigate a local haunting with my team when I received notification of your follow up.

  As you have mentioned, the connections in your system have been checked out by your installer so unless there is something interfering with the contacts I am going to have to look for a more paranormal explanation. I am going to take a guess and assume that the sensors are of the more common magnetic type that go off when the magnetic field is broken [the other type being light beam sensors]. If I were to continue to look at this from a rational viewpoint I would wonder if there is not some sort of power drainage in the buildings electrical wiring causing a drop in voltage, amperage or hertz. This momentary drop [opposite of a surge] could be caused by someone powering up a large appliance. The drop may lessen the magnetic field enough to cause the sensors to react as if the field were completely broken.

  There is a remote possibility that someTHING is interfering with the magnetics of the sensors. If this were just a matter of a possible fault in the alarm system I would leave it at that... but faulty alarm systems don't take a hike with a purse. There is a very plausible chance that 1- the alarm sensors are faulty or a drainage/surge of power AND 2- a ghost was presentwith the events happening simultaneously and coincidentally. That said, ghosts are known to be able to effect electric and magnetic fields, drain power from AC and DC sources such as dimming lamps and draining batteries. I have not forgotten that you also had the alarm go off with it disarmed.

  Your children are too young to be the cause of RSPK. This usually occurs in those between 13 and 19y years, give or take, and usually in females. However I would not exclude Stress Induced Psychokinesis [SIPK] as a cause and you as the source IF you are currently going through a period of stress, upset or hormonal changes. In some, stress can cause a "psychic hiccup" where pent up frustration causes a blast of psychic energy. Objects can be moved by such a moment usually with the agent [you] unaware of the phenomena. Both RSPK and SIPK are what I have labled as poltergeistLIKE activity in that it closely mimics activity caused by a "noisy ghost" but not being actually caused by a discarnate being. By the BY, electrical interference can also be caused by SIPK.

  One way to see if the activity is focused on a person rather than a place is to remove that person for a period and see if the activity stops. And to see if it starts again upon their return. If so then a living being is the likely cause, if not then another cause is to be looked for.

  At this point I must say that both poltergeist activity [that caused by a ghost] or poltergeist-like activity [that caused by a living agent] may be very brief in duration, from a brief one tome event to a longer, drawn out collection of events lasting years. RSPK usually goes away upon reaching adulthood, SIPK usually occurs only during bouts of intense stress.

  In any event I would suggest that you do a simple cleansing of your homes atmosphere. If there is a ghost or other unwanted energy present a cleansing will help. As the activity in your home is not drastic [I know that to someone going through unwanted attention it seems overwhelming but by industry standards, so to speak, it is so far relatively minor]so a simple cleansing ceremony with fumigation [aka"Saging"]would be the best solution. I can get the information on what you will need and how to do it if you write to me directly at
or via the contact page at

I do not give that info out in an open site like this so writing to me directly is the only way to get it.

I hope that this is helping to shed some light on the situation that you are unfortunately finding your self in.

Take care,  

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