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Ever since I was 5 I've be seeing spirits mostly dark ones an I can hear them and feel them but I've  always had a feeling one has been following me. Now I'm 14 I'm still seeing them, hearing them and feeling them but more strongly like instead of seeing them in the corner of my eye I can actually watch them move room to room and even from one side of the room to the other my most recent in counter was two nights ago. I wake up hearing music but I was paralyzed and I can see a dark hunchbacked figure watching me and after two minutes it starts taunting me and I could feel my spirit thrashing around and I worked up enough willpower to move my arm and I noticed he stopped taunting me but I could see he was in shock and he just disappeared and I can start moving but I kept feeling chills here and there but I can hear him talk in a harsh whisper that i couldn't understand.what should I do? Am I being haunted?

Hello Bradley and thank you for writing. It has been said and researched and actually Documented that Children can see into the spirit world as they are not Hindered by adult thoughts, as to where adults may block out and dismiss spirit activity , a child may not. As we grow older and our minds are more busy on work and family life we are no longer more open to our spiritual selves, as children we are not to busy with such things. This means at younger ages your mind has a bit more time and less hindrances to be open to these, although some adults in rare cases can hone these skills and not have them tucked away in their subconscious.
As far as what you are seeing, is this mostly when you are sleeping or also during waking hours? There is a known condition called Sleep paralysis, you can read more here -

This condition is well documented and maybe what you are going through, if this sounds like your condition, ask your parents to have you see your Doctor!

If you can rule out sleep Paralysis, then we can go into the paranormal side. But first read up on that condition and then get back to me.

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