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I am a person with weird feelings from childhood. I often, even now see pale greyish-white coloured small chain of pebbles up in the air or in the sky or anywhere, floating. When I ask my parents about this they have no clue. Not only this, I remember my parents sitting in a tunnel even before I was born. I hear voices of people who are known to while I put my head to sleep on pillow. And the worst one being I always have most weirdest dreams which are quite repetitive.
I always dream of flying in an airplane, falling from it. I dream of this mysterious old witch looking lady who whenever appears in my dreams brings me ill luck. Too many questions I know. Please let me know what is most likely happening. Thanks and please I need an answer :)

ANSWER: Hello Alesana,

I apologise for the delay in answering but had a virus that kept me away from the computer.

I see weird things too, strange shaped beings who are really quite friendly, floating stuff that isn't, its all normal for a person with clairvoyance (which means clear 'vision').  

The tunnel - we choose our parents before we are born into our bodies.  That you spent time watching them before you were born is not surprising.  I think we would all do that.

I hear voices too, some happy, some sad, some known, many unknown, most with stories to tell me, memories to share with me, that gift is called 'clairaudience' (which means 'clear hearing').

The airplane - what sort was it?  Were you male or female?  I wonder if this is one of your past life memories, or it could be a future event.  The next time you dream it, look down at your hands and see if they are male or female, young or old.  Look at your clothes.  That might tell you 'when' the memory is from, apart from recognising the era the plane is from.

The witch lady .. next time you 'see' her say NO.  "No, you are not going to influence my life".  If she is causing you problems, refusing to allow it should break the pattern.  Otherwise she might be warning you trouble is possible .. what do you do when she appears .. expect trouble or try and think of ways of averting it?

Love & Peace

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QUESTION: It is usually a normal aeroplane and I am just the same as present, a female with current age.

Also I dream of roller-coasters. Something more weird is back when I stayed with my parents, my sister and I slept on the same cot and sometimes, strangely enough our cot shook as if they were an earthquake. We used to shout out to our parents in fear and as soon as they came it would turn still. I have many such experiences which have no explanations from my side.

I do things in reverse order. I read many words in reverse order. I enjoy doing it. for eg if the word 'metro' is written somewhere I read it as 'ortem'. I read a magazine from behind. I am just sooo weird !!

That witch lady, I have no control over her. She usually gives out an ugly grin. Last time she came and gave my husband and I , some liquid to drink and later that morning something bad happened to us. I will remember the dream only after something bad has happened so.. no use

Hello again,

Are you dyslexic?  They also read in reverse order?  As long as you understand what you are reading, I wouldn't worry about it.  The human brain is far more complicated than we actually realise, and things like that might be totally normal for very intelligent people.  I also read books in reverse with no problems.  Mirror writing can be fun.  Makes an interesting 'code' when we are kids.  :-)

Did the bad thing that happened have anything to do with liquid?  What was the liquid itself?  Why did you drink it if you didn't like the lady?  Did your husband, or does he, also have dreams with her in it?

Liquid, if its water, in dreams, can relate to emotions.  Many dreams can be interpreted and have meanings that have little do with the imagery our minds provide.

Airplanes can mean 'high ideals, attitudes and belief systems .. or a journey across unknown territory.

Rollercoaster is described as 'an unstable path or personality; up and down emotions or vacillating attitudes.  Bascially, indecision about something.

Do you keep a dream book beside your bed?  By the sounds of things, it might be a good idea.  Keep a pen too.  You want to get into the habit of writing down what you remember of every dream 'before' your feet touch the floor.  It's very easy to forget things, and to change things in our memories after we get on with the day.  Remember to date each page, and to write down everything you see, no matter how insignificant you think it is (colours, smells, feels, thoughts .. guesses).  Do this for 3 months and see if your dreams are giving you clear messages about the present or future.

Love & Peace

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