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Like this happened a couple
months ago and its been
bothering me for awhile well i
was sleeping one night and
around 2 or 3 i suddenly started
to like have a alert feeling while
i was asleep like i was asleep/awake at the same time it was
werid.. but i felt something
touch my ear.. and i heard a
voice that sounded like a witch
laughing.. well i felt something
touch my ear again suddenly i
turned around and started to
swing my arms around because
i was scared i thought someone
had broken into my room.. well
for a split second i saw what
appered to be a rotten fleshed
witch and then i became
completely awake and in a deep
sweat.. it hasnt returned but ive
been scared sinceless.. please
tell me what happened awhile
ago.. because from what ive
looked on the internet it was
common? Im confused.. please
help:( it felt really evil..


Sounds like either waking paralysis (also known as sleep paralysis) or a partial out of body / astral projection experience.

Scientists put this down to the body going to sleep state whilst the mind stays awake. Whatever occurs after this is supposed to be hallucinations. Voices are commonly heard as well as seeing nasty creatures.

Believe what you will but the entity that you encountered could also be of your creation. In the astral planes whatever you think becomes solid. So thinking of a witch could make the witch appear. There are different levels of astral projection and out of body experiences.

In my experience, these are not hallucinations but the human consciousness ability to exist in different vibrations. The witch could be someone who lived there or something that is there to prevent you from expanding your awareness by generating fear. In any case, you did the right thing. Anger and survival instincts in the astral planes are good for getting rid of many unwanted visitors.

If it happens again let me know and I will get rid of it.

Hope this helps.


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