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Hi Greg,

I have a friend that has been playing with a ouija board. She started about a month ago, probably using it a couple of times a week. Now she feels as if there is a demon around her and does not know what to do. Does she have anything to worry about?

Hello et Bonjour,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena. Ahhh... the ouija board, the ever popular scapegoat, along with demons, for every ill that befalls it users. I might believe in the later if this were the thirteenth century, or if I were brought up in ignorance or in a biased faith, or had an agenda that depended on such archaic belief. Certainly the aforementioned may arrogantly state the time worn excuse [excuse as opposed to reason - there is rational thought behind reason] that the Devil's greatest strength is to convince people that he does not exist. I may counter that religion's strongest attraction is to convince people that he does. I will not go into the amount of research that I have done on this subject but suffice it to say many of those who rank high in the church doubt the existence of Satan as an entity. So by default, no Satan, no Satan's leagues. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that evil does not exist. I'd have to be senseless not to realize that unfortunate fact. But although evil entities and ghosts may play the 'I am a demon" role, they are not demons.

  I believe that the Tibetan Book of the Dead states it as accurately as is possible. Few, if any modern cultures know more about the afterlife than this group of dedicated people. They state that "demons" are products of one's own mind. If the deceased should come across "demons" in the Bardo of the afterlife that the deceased must recognize them for what they are, the mental imagery of the deceased's own mind. This I believe is about as close to the truth as one can come.

  The ouija board has taken the rap for a long time as an instrument that opens doors to demons. What it does is increase the chance of allowing ghosts to enter, and the ghost realm is filled to the brim with undesirable people. If a person was evil in life, they will be evil in death. As they likely fear going into the light they remain between the realms of the living and of the evolving spirit of the light. The ghost realm is not just inhabited by those who have unfinished business, or do not realize that they have died, etc., but by murderers, rapists, molesters, the criminally insane, sociopaths, psychopaths, mother-in-laws;) etc and these are the ones most like to enter an unguarded open door. But these are human beings, not horned, cloven hoofed, sulfur reeking "demons". And why would a person pretend to be a demon? The very thought invokes fear. Fear is a strong emotion and the energy produced by that emotion is a powerful source of "fuel" for that particular ghost. The more one fears them the more one feeds them. Evil minded ghosts are quite parasitic.

  There is a very good chance that your friend is being influenced more psychologically than demonically. That is usually the case. The saying that you are what you eat applies here. On a psychological bases what you feed your mind, in particular the subconscious, the more likely you become "it" you become as you think. A belief of being followed by a demon will become an obsession with that thought. That obsession can and often leads to what is considered a possession. All the creation of the individual. You can look at it as a type of self brain washing or self hypnosis. In like exorcisms can be thought of as a type of de-programming. It is even more of an issue if the person using the board is mentally unstable to begin with or in a depressed or anxious state of mind.  Your friend is in more danger from her/his{?} own attitude and mind set than from any supposed "demon".

  I know of no other device that is as misunderstood and misused as the ouija board. Take the most ardent skeptic to the paranormal and as soon as you mention ouija board most want nothing to do with it. It is this stigma that makes it dangerous from a psychological view point. From a paranormal view point it is no more dangerous or safer than any other method of contacting the spirit and or ghost realms. Any tool of contact, be it a ouija board, pendulum, scrying mirror, digital voice recorder, full spectrum camera or what have you are as dangerous or as safe as the user makes them. A knife in the hands of a chef is a tool, in the hands of a lunatic it's a weapon.

  If your friend is set on continuing using the board I would highly suggest that she/he starts using it correctly. However if they are already in a state of certain misguided assumption that there is a danger from beyond I would suggest that they contact me directly at
and I can work with him/her one to one and set everything right.

  I look forward from hearing back from you and your friend personally so that I can help you better.

Take care,
Greg Pochal / All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena  

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