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QUESTION: I'm sorry but I will describe this, the best I can..I have had a history with the paranormal, the first time, with touches to my shoulder and bottom. Then nothing for years. Then when after moving several times. The new house was full of experiences... From being warned, by being yelled at when I was beginning my period. To never feeling alone. To having someone in bed with me. Another move, to a new house, made me uncomfortable in the basement, like I was not welcome, so I did not go there, unless I needed to..Then the final house that I am in now.. Saving the best for last....lolololol  Nothing out of the ordinary at first. We were here for a while about 2 years, then one day out of the blue, I saw a full apparition... In full detail, down to their expressions, then another time, another one, completely different but again in full detail...And then another one, this one did a double take of me, I saw him and he was stepping away past the wall, and then he leaned back to take a look at me... I was not scared and named him Frank. Why I do not know but it just seemed to belong. And later I did find out that a Frank did reside in this house. Also there is the invisible cat, that would rub up against your leg while doing the dishes... After these experiences. I noticed that someone would come into my bedroom. I would assume it was Frank, for he would sit at the end of the bed. Sometimes he blows into my face, and has even went as far as to smack my feet. And wake me up... But I have never seen him, since the one time, but he is always around.. There is also another presence in the basement, at times I will refuse to go there, for he is bad..Frank is just playful and the other 2 I have never seen since... Also I now have been having somewhat telepathic powers I suppose with 2 people that I talk to on the internet.. At first I could see them, or know when they were on the computer to talk with me... But then things happened in their lives, that have blocked my ability to see them now... But I can once in a while pick it up... The first person that I did this with, I actually say them in my minds eye, even before they sent me a picture... I will trouble you with one more thing... Now for the past 2 or 3 months, I am plagued, with this scent... It seems that only I can smell it.. I do not know this scent. And no it is not a flower... It is a smell that I could say belongs to a person, and it is accompanied with a slight scent of sweetness.. I have been going around the house smelling everything. The scent is not here, but when it comes which is often it can be strong or faint. But when it is strong, then the scent is on me... I do not think it is me, but someone coming through me.. Can it be  one of the people that I am somewhat attached to thousands of miles away.. The scent is pleasing, so much so.. That I look forward to it... But wish I could detect from where it comes..I just want answers or help to what is going on with me... Do I have abilities, that I was not aware of? Also to let you know, I think it is very much a female thing. For both my daughters have this also..... Thank you so much for your time...

ANSWER: Ok, round two. That's weird. I'm in the middle of answering you and the thing goes on the blink and takes me back to the question page. And it didn't save my draft. Odd. So, let's do it again.

I was saying "Hi! Wow! You've had SOME experiences there!"

I wear two hats in this scenario. There is the deliverance minister side of me that engages is spiritual warfare. And there is the paranormal investigator side of me that has definitely got some opinions. I'm going to try to blend them. :)

Ok, when it comes to any gifting or ability, we need to positively identify which side it came from. We don't want any abilities that was not given by the Holy Spirit. So I am going to ask you a few questions so that we can establish or at least rule out a source.

1. Have you ever dabbled in or practiced witchcraft? This includes but is not limited to Tarot cards, consulting psychics/mediums, playing with Ouija boards or engaging in seances, even children's games like light as a feather/stiff as a board, bloody mary, corner calling, scrying, etc.

2. Do you have any familial links to Freemasonry or Eastern Star? Or any branch such as Royal Order of the Shrine, Knights Templar, etc.

3. You said regarding these folks that you could see remotely, that there were some events happened in these lives' that blocked you from seeing them. What were the nature of these events?

I definitely believe that your abilities are authentic. Just got to make sure the polarity of them. Now, based on what you've told me, Frank is looking out for you. He is a friendly spirit. That I can tell. It's a little creepy him blowing in your face, but, he doesn't seem very threatening. I think he is enthralled that you can actually see him.

If I had to guess, I would say that whatever is in the basement that you don't like, is keeping them there. Either that or they are there trying to protect you.

Ultimately though, they need to go to Jesus. They for all intents and purposes should be asleep. Not up wandering about. Getting them into the arms of Jesus is the overall goal if you would. I think it's possible, at least slightly that there may be some romantic attachment on Fred's part toward you. Now, familiar spirits are not nice. They are low level demons. You have to recognize that as a possibility. They are not really anything to be frightened of mind you. They are just tricksters. But they are dangerous in that they get US to open the door to other stronger spirits. Primarily through curiosity and a draw into the spiritism realm.

Let's take step at a time though. Those first questions will give me a good base to work off of. :)

At first thing I am not decided regarding the scent that you are smelling. I'm guessing it is spiritual in nature though. :)

God Bless!!!!

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QUESTION: Here are the answers to your questions and a little more input...
1) As a young child was a bystander to a bunch of kids playing with a Ouija board... I do not dabble in anything, it goes against my belief....

2) No links to anything... Though it seems that the females on my fathers side has had experiences with full apparitions also..However there is Indian blood that courses through my veins, from both sides. No matter how little, wondering if this is a link to something...Seeing how these were very spiritual people.s5

3)The 2 people that I referred to, are thousands miles away. They both are guilty of opening my heart to love... This is not a bad thing...But I feel that when they opened that door, they also opened a telepathic door, to each of them.... May I explain a little more.? It seems that their depressive state, keeps me from sensing or seeing them... One has lost his job, and is depressed,The other is over worked, underpaid, and worried, plus depressed.. So depression is the key factor here. Which blocks their heart, and my connection to them. When they were happy and not depressed, there was no problem...

As far as the people that I saw in my house, the first was a little girl of 5, she was hiding and squatting. She was afraid of something or someone.Upon eye contact with me, she stood and disappeared. Never to be seen again. The second a woman, coming down my steps in a wedding dress, she was quite pretty, with dark hair and eyes. But she was not happy. Though this was her wedding day....

The third Frank he was a farmer, just on his way to another day at the barn.. I suppose...

I do agree with you, to a point. Yes these are demons,materializing before me. But they are harmless.. The one in the basement I can not say the same.. He gives off the feeling of overwhelming dread... When I sense this I stay away from the basement...

As far as the scent, as I said it has been a little while, but it still is with me... I have grown fond of it. For it makes me feel happy.. For reasons unknown.. Perhaps because I wonder if it is from one that has my heart... Or someone in need, or something?
I hope that this is helpful to you, in regards to your helping me....lololol   Thanks

Hey! Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions and explain a little more in detail!

Now, being that you have native American blood running through your veins it's quite possible that you could have some demons that came through the bloodline through stuff like sun worship, idol worship, etc. Sun worship is generally Ra.

I'm going to name a few that you may be dealing with and I want you to tell me if any of the demons I'm naming stirs a reaction from you. I'm going to throw out random ones too. I don't want a reaction based on suggestion. Rather I want to see if there is anything that wants to surface. Not even going there with Ra. If you've got native blood, I can almost guarantee with 100% certainty he passed down through the blood.

Ok. Ready? Just note the ones you react to if any. Write them down as you feel something. IF you feel something and "something" could be anything from nausea, headache, anxiety, shortness of breath, increased heart rate, heat or a flush feeling, goose bumps, etc. K. Ready? OH and when you read it, don't read it through like this or like a laundry list, rather do it slowly and deliberately.






Blood Sacrifice

Ritual Murder












Does any of those evoke a reaction? Which ones?

The scent could actually be the Holy Spirit. As often times after like say an exorcism there is a smell of flowers in the air. Olfactory disorders usually are a bad smell, not a pleasant one. So, doubt it's an olfactory disorder.

It's possible you have soul ties with those two people and it's also possible that the spirit of depression could have jumped on you from them. A soul tie or a ungodly soul tie is like a telephone line that they can travel across.

Do you know of any ministries in your area that deals in land cleansing? Or property cleansing? The demon in the basement needs to go. Not 100% convinced that each apparition is demonic. Trapped spirit maybe? By the demon in the basement? I've got a real problem with child ghosts because I believe they are instantly taken to be with Father. At the same time I wonder if sometimes there is a time/spacial paradox happening. Like multiple points on a timeline happening simultaneously and there is some kind of bleed through. We still think of time as "linear" but the only thing about time that's linear is our unit of measure we've attached to it. It's the only way I can justify an experience I had at a home once. There were 2 people that could see into the spirit realm and they saw a child of maybe 4 hiding, huddled behind a swivel recliner. There was a woman that had been seen upstairs several times before. They figured out that there was a fire and that the mother and little girl both perished as she wouldn't leave without her daughter but didn't know where she was in the smoke and they both succumbed. One fella among us could communicate with the mother and tried to instruct her where to find the child but the mother was so panicking she would only go to the landing of the stairs but no further. They didn't know what I was doing but my buddy was in the recliner next to the fireplace and I sat down on the hearth and my other friend next to me and I made them take my hands. I then prayed for the mother and little girl silently. They didn't even know I was praying. Suddenly my buddy hopped up and went up the stairs once again and came back down and this time she followed him and the two were reunited and disappeared. Later he entered the same room as we were all headed back to a back bedroom that was past the room in question, and said he felt a hand on his shoulder and heard a "thank you" in a faint whisper. It's VERY difficult to believe that that was demonic. I've NEVER been able to justify that with that experience. It actually makes me want to cry thinking I had a part in setting those spirits at peace. So I'm always willing to say "not sure" when children are involved MOST of the time. Sometimes it's obvious that it is a demon manifesting in a "nonthreatening" way.  

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