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QUESTION: Hi Christine,

I want to start by saying I was raised by my maternal grandmother who did "cleansing" for people as well as tarot card readings from home since I was age 11, I'm 51 now.  She is still alive and lives in another state now.  This mystical stuff she did from home always creeped me out.  My grand dad and I would go to Church all the time except she wouldn't go with us.  Fast forward, when I married, my new home was great until my then husband and I divorced.  One night I experienced a large wing like creature flapping it's wings against the outside window right above my bed and scratching in the wall near me.  I stayed under the covers praying and it stopped.  That was 20 years ago.  After that I moved to an apartment after the divorce for 10 years and nothing happened there all was good and peaceful.  Then 8 years ago my boyfriend and I bought a townhome in the next city.  I never felt good energy from 1 of the 3 rooms and had it remodeled.  Despite new carpet it smelled musty and wierd.  We also thought it wierd that our room had an extra latch lock at the top of the door.  Local tell me the streets are named after animals that the local indians lived on the land.  Almost immediately, my youngest daughter then 13 began to get very depressed and dress in black. During the time she lived here she went from a nice quiet kid to a trouble teenager.  Despite counselling and all we tried to do to weather the storm she moved out at age 18.  She said that a black entity had blocked her from going into that room and she'd had enough.  My oldest daughter despite not wanting to move in with us did so so she could finish college, work and save for her upcoming wedding.  She was an agoraphobic but got worse when she moved in.  I was able to find a psychiatrist treat her and she was fine after that.  However, 14 months after moving in she contracted a rare medical disorder that left her paralyzed.  Because of all the medical equipment she moved into that room and all was fine.  Then 3 months ago, I began to hear her call my name while I was downstairs and she was in her room.  When I went to check on her she was sound asleep.  Then last week her dog started barking like crazy (this dog stares at open space in the house and barks like crazy) in her room, I went in and she said something was violently shaking her bed.  I have Holy water on hand and anointed some on her.  I have been doing this ever since.  Our bed has shaked like this once before.  After leaving her room I went to get medical supplies from our garage.  As I left the garage and close the door behind me I heard a "clink" on the concrete garage floor.  I then went back later to find a wrench that was sitting on a shelf on the floor land where I had been standing getting the supplies.  

Also, I haven't remembered my dreams for so far back I can't remember upon arising what I dreamed despite having a good memory.

I am Catholic, my daughter and boyfriend Christian and all baptized.  Should I have our priest bless the house and what can we do to protect ourselves?

Your thoughts of what you think is happening and advise please.

I'm worried for my daughter and my family.

Thank you,


ANSWER: Hello Cynthia,

It sounds like you've had some long time negative spirit experiences. Thank you for writing about your situation in such detail.Since you have initiated this conversation as a public post, I will be giving you general info.

As a child you were exposed to an unhealthy spiritual environment through your grandmother's activities which were not wholesome and done primarily out of ignorance rather than the intent to expose everyone to entity phenomena. Though you have felt negativity around you since then and skirted personal problems with spirits, you did get your current permanent infestation/oppression around 7 years ago.

You have one entity in your home that is there to stay. Instead of just scouting, this one has nested. This problem has resulted in an exacerbated manifestation of everyone's personal vulnerabilities. Emotional, mental and physical issues are being heightened by the entity along with scary and physical paranormal phenomena. This is terrorism meant to agitate everyone, break you all down, and to destroy you and your family life. Whatever ails you is being exponentially tweaked towards a meltdown.

You should have a priest do a blessing ASAP. Ramp up your prayers, solidify your personal daily relationship with God and read the books below to help you recognize and understand what you're up against. These books are:

Protecting Your Home From Spiritual Darkness - Chuck Pierce
Clean House, Strong House - Kimberley Daniels
When Pigs Move In - Don Dickerman

Being Catholic makes no difference to evil entities. Anyone can be targeted by demonic spirits. I do Deliverance work and clear entities through simple Christian methods. You have the power to beat this but you've got to learn how to do it and be fearless. Take control of this situation. You are engaging in Spiritual Warfare but the Divine must have your back. Make your stand calmly and logically. Consistant and constant prayer from everyone is a major weapon against spirits. It hurts them on a visceral level and causes pain and suffering. Use it.

If the blessing isn't enough, don't get discouraged. Find people who will assist you locally. Please let me know what happens down the road.


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QUESTION: Hi Christine,

I agree my grandmother was very ignorant in dabbling in her occult practices and she opened a door I'm not sure is closed.  I can only pray for her and her soul.

Thank you for your advise and insight into this situation.  I understand completely.  We are in the process of getting our pastor to come do a blessing for our home and us.  I will keep up the fight and not be so anxious and fearful like I have been because I think this is what it wants to do and more.  I know it may possibly not stop at a blessing and also have a local paranormal investigating couple in my home town I can reach out too as well.  I will also get those books you've recommended to help us further.  We pray fervently daily together and are forming a united front against this thing.  I will keep you posted.

Thank you and God Bless you!


Thank you Cynthia.

If you reach out to a paranormal group, please choose one that is adept at dealing with demonic entities and that successfully clears them away. Bringing in a average group to study your situation can exacerbate the problem because while it shows that you are trying to resolve the situation, you can also be facilitating the entity. Bringing in well-meaning but vulnerable people can also expose them to demonic influences without the ability to know how to deal with it on a purely spiritual level.

A group that claims to know how to clear your home of demons should be thoroughly researched for their level of success either verified through references or word of mouth.

Under no circumstances resort to esoteric rituals, general ghost mediums, or other New Age methods. Christian based methods such as clerical blessings, exorcisms and Deliverance counseling must be used in order to have spiritual power over the demonic realm. Anything else is occult dabbling.

Should you have to resort to something beyond your Pastor, let me know and we'll discuss some other options for you.

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