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QUESTION: Hello Christine:  I was wondering if you can help me figure out what may be happening in my house.  I come from a family where a good deal of the women in the family seem to have abilities of  varying levels and I've had various paranormal experiences over the years.  Having said that, I am concerned with my oldest daughter and son who are now seeing things in the house.  We have lived in our home for 15 years and through out these years, my husband and I have heard various things, smelled cigarette smoke, heavy footsteps at night getting up to look and seeing no one, screams in our pillow (I know that sounds weird), but nothing really too threatening or too scary and the kids seem to have not noticed up till recently.    I am glad my husband has heard things here and there so I know I'm not crazy, so we leave things alone and not worry too much about it.  In the past two years, my son has seen a dark, solid black figure in his room twice that just stands there.  He wakes up feeling like he is being watched, He turns on the light and its gone.  He has moved to college and won't sleep in his room on breaks at home.  My daughter has seen this as well, her room is across from him, but it was standing at the foot of the bed, seemed to be dressed in normal clothes but with a hat, no facial features, all black, except for the clothes and she has been freaked out ever since.  She said she know absolutely she was awake with her eyes opened.  She hit the light on her phone and this thing, turned into like a cloud but the face and hat stayed in tact and it slid up to the top of the wall and disappeared!!! I did a blessing with salt in her room and nothing happened for a while, but just this past week she has seen a spirit in the hallway outside her door, but did not come into her room.  She has never seen spirits before and she is freaked out and I am panicking about what it is, why she is seeing this now at her age and if any of this could be dangerous.  My husband and I smudged the house and blessed with salt again, but I don't know if there is anything more I should do?  Do you have any idea what this could be, how to get rid of these spirits?  Any help or advice you can give me would be so incredibly appreciated.  

Thank you so much

ANSWER: Hi Joan,

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. What you HAVE to do is fight for your freedom against something very bad in your home. You have cohabited with a destructive entity for many many years. You have accepted it in your home, coped with it by choice, adjusted your life to facilitate it, and given it unspoken permission to stay.   You are now in an dangerous and escalating union with an inhuman force using ghostly guises to deceive you.

You have no choice but to get an offensive strategy ASAP or be consumed by something bent on destroying you. The good news is that you can get past this.

Spirits should be addressed as soon as possible. In any event they must be made unwelcome in your space through firm but calm actions and pressed to leave by prayers, protective spiritual allies and placing yourself closer to Divine intervention on your own behalf. You have to take a stand against fear, manipulation and chaos. Right now.

First you have to know what you're fighting. Second, you have learn how to fight it. Third, you need to be committed to the battle through Divine backup. You can't do this without God assisting.

Below are some books that you can read to start moving in the right direction.

1. Protecting Your Home From Spiritual Darkness - Chuck Pierce

2. Pigs In the Parlor - Frank Hammond

3. When Pigs Move In - Don Dickerman

If you feel you are unable to act on any front, then you should seek the help of clergy or professionals who stand for you through demonology or deliverance ministry.

You really are in control if you believe it, act it and pray for it.


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QUESTION: Thank you Christine for getting back to me.  Just to clarify, you are saying that because we didn't recognize immediately that various little things we noticed/heard over the span of years to be paranormal and of an inhuman nature immediately, that we somehow silently agreed to cohabitate with what ever this is?  I feel that maybe we debunked things in a logical way here and there as they happened, but in no way was living with something bad silently agreed upon.  Neither one of us knew quite what to do, and only recently have we been even speaking about it.  Also,  None of us have had anything bad happen to us over these years in the house, nor have we definitively seen anything up until recently with my son and daughter.  So coming to that kind of conclusion immediately is beyond my comprehension.  I have used salt, prayers and Holy Water at various times, and haven't noticed much of anything except with this thing in my daughters room.  My husband and I saged the entire house from basement to attic a week or so ago and I salted and used holy water immediately after in each room then I saged the perimeter of the  backyard and put a line of salt around the entire perimeter of our property.  Do you think this will be enough?  You cannot imaging the panic I a feeling right now.

Hi Joan,

Yes, I'm saying that lack of protest for its presence in your home is a permission to stay in the eyes of the entity.

It has no reason not to stay. It was never rebuffed or rebuked to leave early on and now it's entrenched in your home. That you didn't know what you were dealing with is part of the problem, but you were probably assuming it was a ghost. You thought it was benign. You underestimated its cunning.

This is pretty much what this thing wanted you to think and things have escalated to become a malevolent and personally invasive situation for everyone. You have been tricked.

It is making people in your family sick by causing headaches, sleep deprivation and some depression. It works on many levels beside fearful paranormal activity. It's projected energies are mentally and physically toxic.

Sage, salt and Holy Water does not remove an entity. The fact that you consider clearing it usually makes it angry. The spirit may pull back on activity to make you think it's gone but it will ambush you again. It is immortal and has forever to wait for a counter attack against a weak defense.

Please read the info I provided. It will explain what I can't in a board format. As I said, you can handle this calmly and safely. Do some research and learn what you need to do and where this entity comes from and why. It will empower you. Have faith that you have God on your side if you want to get free. Pray and act now.

Listen to what I've suggested will help. There is no point where you can't rally in this situation and take control. Never forget that. Panic will sink you. Stand firm.

Take Care,

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