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My brother died in 2006.  I've been very curious when I'm going to die.  So I speak with his spirit along with my other relatives.  I've asked if they could let me know when I'm going to die?  Two weeks ago I had a dream that he wrote down the info I was looking for and as I picked up the paper to read it, we had a power failure and all the monitors in the house started beeping and woke me up.  I never was able to read the message.  By the way, no storm was present.  Last week was his birthday.  I lit a candle, as I do for all my deceased relatives.  At night I light a lighthouse he bought me.  For fun I left him a handwritten note asking for info, from the beyond.  Last night I had another dream involving him.  This time the info was going to be transmitted to me thru a TV.  Again as it was about to start, we experienced a real power failure...waking me up again.  Again no storms around.  What is happening?  Apparently someone doesn't want me to know the future, and they can use physical reality (power failures) to stop me.  What can I do?  Should I speak with a priest or someone dealing  in paranormal?

Mark, I am a scientist. What is happening is lucid dreami8ng. As for giving you a mumbo jumbo answer, I can not. Information emerges. We receive it. If we don't, there is no9 complaint department. I would suggest contacting a reputable medium and asking if they get any information concerning this.

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