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QUESTION: Hello Greg,  

After experiencing years of strange happenings at my house I am finally looking for possible answers.  First let me say that I DO believe in the paranormal, i.e. the afterlife, spirits, ghosts, etc.  I have had several things happen in the past that support my beliefs, but that is not why I'm writing to you today.  

I am writing because I have been noticing strange light flashes in my house, both day and night.  One flash just happened about 15 minutes ago.  It looked like a streak of light up along the molding where the wall meets the ceiling.  And before today, the last time was a flash in the kitchen, under the upper cabinets.  These were not close to any electrical outlets.  Usually the way it happens is that I will see these flashes out of the corner of my eye.  

Another strange event that happens is that my computer 'cursor' arrow will start moving on it's own.  I will try to move it to where I want it but it will resist, going a different direction.  When this happens I will usually say (out loud) "STOP messing with my computer!!".   And 9 times out of 10 it will stop.  But I don't know if this is a spirit causing this or somebody has remotely taken control of my computer. I strongly suspect the latter, but I have no way of proving it.  

I don't know if it matters, but since I was very young I have had a heightened awareness of the spirit world.  I have had an OBE, once when I was about 10 yrs old.  I can't explain it, but I just have always known there is a higher consciousness, or a higher plain or dimension.  I have nobody that I can discuss these things with as they would probably consider me to be whacked out.   But what is your opinion of what could be going on?  I eagerly await your answer.  Thank you!

ANSWER: Hi Gary,
Thank you for writing to me at All Experts.  My late reply is due to our team wrapping up an  investigation . I need some info to better answer.
-1. How old is the house?
-2 Are the sparks seen only in that particular house?
-3 Are you using a device plugged into the computer, such as a head phone,  or microphone or any other attachment that has a cord?  
I look forward to your reply.

Greg Pocha, Paranormal Phenomena

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QUESTION: No need to apologize for any delay. I very much appreciate you taking the time to offer help.  I'll answer your questions in numerical order.

#1.  The house was built in 1991, so it is 23 yrs old.  There was only 1 previous owner and, as far as I know, there were no deaths in this house.  I have lived here for 13 years.  It was built in the middle of a forest that had been cleared by the land owner.  No cemeteries are nearby.  

#2.  The sparks or movements are not specific to just this house.  I have seen movements out of the corner of my eye for most of my life.  I have always thought it was spirits of departed loved ones.  But again, I have no way of proving this.  

#3.  I have one device plugged into my laptop, an external speaker.  The only other plug is an 'Ethernet' cable that is plugged into a USB port for internet access, and of course, the power cable in the back.  But that is all.   

There is one other thing I should mention, but I don't know if it would have any bearing on what I'm experiencing.  My father passed in his sleep at his home (also the home I grew up in) in 1997.  I had to break into his house to find him, laying in his bed.  After his death it took me years to clear out his house, as he was a 'hoarder'.  I finally sold the house and the new owner used it for a rental property.  A couple of years later I was working a job at a local hospital as a Registration clerk in the ER.  This lady came in with a sick kid and when I asked her her name and address she gave me the exact address of the house I grew up in .  My dad's house!  She proceeded to ask me if I knew if anyone had passed away in that house, as she was experiencing strange phenomena, especially in the room that was my dad's bedroom, where he had passed.  She said she hears footsteps, voices, and the smell of cigar smoke (my dad used to smoke them).  I told her the story of how I had found my dad laying in his bed and that was probably his spirit still in the house.  She asked if I could come to her house and see if I experienced the same things, and I gave her my phone number to call me when she wanted me to come over.  I never got the call.  This has been about 3 years ago.  I have often thought of dropping in on her, but I have no way of knowing if she is still renting the house.  So I have decided to just 'leave it alone', you might say.

Hello Gary,

Thank you for your patience in awaiting this reply. The end of summer is the start of more people requesting our assistance.

I am going to address your last concerns first. From the description of the events happening in your father's former home, he may still be hanging around and haunting it. However, from the information I have I believe that the events are due to residual phenomena. I am basing this on that you did not mention that you experienced any activity during the long period that you were working on the property. It is usual for a ghost - that is an active, reactive and interactive entity - to become active during renos of their homes or relocation of their possessions. Your work seemed uneventful. To be honest, without input from the present tenants, it is impossible for me to discern between an active haunting or residual phenomena. If I were you, I would let it be.

As for the cursed cursor, I feel that you are victim to a prank. Certainly, ghosts  have been known to communicate via computers, but the activity you explain sounds too familiar to me. There are prank programs that will randomly move your cursor. If anyone has access to your running PC or password, it would take the jokester about 1 minute to download the prank. Check your registry or downloaded files and look for something out of place. Another option is to open the start menu and search "mouse" or "cursor" or "prank" and see if anything suspicious appears. To get an idea of what I am referring to look at the following sites:  or

Gary, I will address the spark issue in a follow-up. I try to answer from a variety of viewpoints as sometimes "paranormal" things are just misunderstood or unknown "normal" things. I am awaiting a reply from some colleagues, eye specialists - so again I ask for your patience.

Ciao for now,


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