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      What method would be the most effective for someone who has never astral projected, to do so for the first time?


There are many ways to achieve astral projection including remote viewing, lucid dreaming, meditation.

Many people have success when waking up in the morning, then imagining they have an object in their hand and imagine feeling it's surface. An example could be a mobile phone. If you keep this motion going whilst relaxing and drifting off the object becomes solid and you will find yourself in the astral planes.

Funny you should ask this question since I am currently writing another book titled advanced astral, lucid dreaming and trance techniques. The first section will cover techniques to induce astral projection. I can let you know when it is released.

Other methods include lying on your back and sinking downward or pulling a rope from the ceiling. The problem with the techniques is that most people lose consciousness and enter sleep.

Lucid dream is a good way to start but this involves being aware when you sleep. This can be quite a tricky technique and sometimes dangerous.

Hope this helps you in some way.



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