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Paranormal Phenomena/Is something following my family?


Thank you for you time to look into my question, but I have to give you a basic run through of our situation. My husband and I both have had paranormal experiences before meeting each other pretty much the same level to be exact, but mine seem to be not only experience but something of a sixth sense. I can usually tell when something's not just right or someone is a bad person. I also tend to have a pretty general but very close idea of how a scenario is going to play out shortly after it begins.
With all of this being said....since my husband and I got married things just seemed to get worse. It started out small things moving from their normal place something I could deal with. Then we had moved and it just seemed the same thing followed then we had to move again reasons unrelated to the experiences but it just got worse. Strange things happened. We were feeling like we were being watched, things moving, doors opening and closing lights coming on stereo coming on while I was looking at it with the remote on the table next to me. These were making me more and more concerned. Then at Christmas one year I saw a little boy standing by the tree but it was just a glance and when I looked back he was gone. I never said anything to anybody even my husband because I was afraid he would think I was crazy. But the next day he saw the same thing. So I know it wasn't me. I began to feel like someone was standing behind me with their chin on my shoulder as I was washing dishes most days and my husband was getting scratched and shoved usually when we were arguing about something. The he was at work and the keys in the door started spinning and beers started falling off the shelves in the cooler. Strange.....a coworker was bringing him home that same night and started down our street and they both saw a man in older period clothing not sure when standing in the road then he just disappeared. She told him she believed that both of us may be conduits but when we are together it gets stronger. This is somewhat unsettling to me. He had to leave for a job opportunity so it was just me and my kids alone at this time. Keep in mind I have never experienced any violent paranormal behaviors until this moment. My husband and I were talking on the phone then all of the sudden I felt a burning feeling on my chest. I had three long scratched across my chest. It wasn't long we moved again. Now we are experiencing things again. I have seen two door opening and closing simultaneously in perfect rhythm with each other. We see shadows that have no reasoning for being there all the time. We hear noises we can't explain. I saw a face in the door window just as plain as it could be. Our dog acts strange sometime...growling and nothing is there, looking like someone is across the room, hairs on her back stand up for no reason, crouches like someone has snuck up on her and touched her. I was sitting in my living room the other day with no T.V. o radio on and could here something like the sound of a T.V. from a distance. I got up and checked my kids room and no T.V. on. No loud music from the neighbors either. This went on for two days. My kids sleep with Bibles under their pillows because they say they feel like someone is watching them and they have bad dreams when the Bible isn't their. I am worried that this is not just some paranormal spirit. I am worried it could be a lot worse. Please help

Thank you,

Hello Stephanie,

Thanks for writing in such detail. I hope you find relief in what I'm going to tell you but I am limited because you have made this a public post. Some things cannot be discussed in full due to my professional limitations.

There is an unwholesome spiritual problem in your home. This situation originates with your husband and has been around him for about 6 years. The entity transferred to him from another male acquaintance and found him vulnerable at the time because of his emotional state. He needs to look back at that period of time and he'll know who I'm talking about. There may be some sort of "move" involved that precipitated them meeting in the first place. This person was angry and difficult to deal with.

You and the children have become lateral targets.

Knowing this you are empowered to deal with it. Remain calm and determined to remove it from your home with a united family front. It's trying to divide and conquer you all. Don't buy into that. All of you are being influenced in some way which breaks down your communication, willpower and ability to cope. Don't give up. You have the power to make things very uncomfortable for the entity to stay via your faith, prayers and courage.

Every time it scares, harms or intimidates anyone in the family immediately call upon Archangel Michael to step in and back it away from you or buffer its ability to attack emotionally, mentally and physically. Do this a million times if you have to and teach your children to do the same if they are old enough. If not you and your husband do it for them. This works. You must do it to see that it does through consistent requests immediately upon knowing its around you. Before you all sleep do this as well. Don't fall prey to nightmares, sleepwalking, body paralysis, etc. when you are sleeping.

Pray for deliverance as much as you feel compelled to. Prayers are sword strikes against the entity. It literally hurts them. Make your home unsuitable for this unwanted entity. It's not a ghost and you know that. Fight offensively not defensively. You control the home and what's in it instead of it controlling you.

Do not confront, communicate or listen to it. Call angels forth immediately to make all paranormal activity stop for that moment. Absolutely do not use tape recorders, video, cameras, etc. in your home to document. This is sending the message you are interested in it and accepting of its presence.It's an invitation to remain in your home.

I recommend the following books for you to read to get savvy about what you're dealing with. They will really help to know how to beat this and how to prevent further spiritual issues. If you are not trained in how to use your psychic gifts, shut them down until you do. Opening yourself to spiritual interaction is a door into your life that you must know how to close when you need to.

Only seek the Divine with any psychic probing. Your gifts are from God and meant to be used to help other people not to deal with wandering spirits who deceive you.

1. Protecting Your Home From Spiritual Darkness - Chuck Pierce
2. When Pigs Move In - Don Dickerman (Spiritual Warfare)
3. School of the Supernatural - Ryan Watt (Psychic gifts for God)

Stay strong,

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