Paranormal Phenomena/is this a ghost?


a ghost?
a ghost?  

whilst walking around the chatham historical docks 'ropery' my wife was taking pics with her phone, ive just looked at them and realised i need some expert verification,...

Orbs are generally the creation of an ovate ghostly image that is created by the auto focus function of the phone/cam and dust about 0-4 inches from the lens. The camera focuses on the far field background and the dust tends to blow up into an out of focus orb. While there are real orbs created during a paranormal event, they are the result of the formation of cold plasma, and require a special set up to capture. The image in the top photo is difficult to tell. it could be a camera artifact, or just an interesting pattern in the background creating a pareidolia effect. Hard to say. Photos are terrible pieces of evidence, primarily because they are milliseconds in time captured out of context. While it is certainly possible to capture the holographic display we refer to folklorically as a "ghost", its impossible from one camera shot to make any determination. I would say the location would need to have a detailed investigative study to determine if there is legitimate activity present.

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