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Hi Christine,

I am a 50 year old, happily married woman. Recently, I've had the opportunity to begin meditation and yoga which I love....I have a bit of a problem with "mind chatter" so it has been a little difficult, but I'm working on it.  I've been told that when I sleep, I experience astral projection and that I should ask my angel guides to "stand guard" at night if I don't want to go anywhere, which I've been doing faithfully (I hate being out of control).  It has worked until last night when I experienced one of those dreams where you know it's real and you know you've visited outside of your physical capabilities.  Today, I was sitting in a class, paying attention, but trying to ground myself from the energy that has been buzzing through me since the dream.....out of nowhere, it was like I was sucked out of consciousness and onto this road that I used to travel every day (no longer live there, it was a bad time in my life)...I could see it, feel it, smell it...I swear I was there.  Then, I came back and couldn't figure out what the heck happened.  I'm guessing that was another astral projection.  (?)

1.  Why does this happen?
2.  Does the place we travel hold any significance/is it something we need to evaluate?
3.  How to make it stop.  That is the most important.  I like being in the here and now and in control...I want this to stop!  I realize there are people who want to project, but I am not one of them!!

Thank you for any help you can give.  I am fearful to sleep or focus on anything at this point.

Hello Joan,

Thank you for writing.

I am not a proponent of meditation or astral projection because it opens you up to negative spiritual consequences. Even if you are attempting to do meditation for good reasons, you are still exposing yourself to danger. Every OBE - Out of Body Experience - you experience that opens your consciousness, expands your consciousness or promotes unwanted traveling exposes you to other worldly entities that are not wholesome. Right now while you are seeking self-awareness and a universal connection, there are nonhuman presences seeking a way into your emotional, mental and physical life through spiritual attacks.

If you look for spiritual entities through the Buddhist modality of I-ness called meditation, you will find them but they are not enlightened Masters, guides, prophets, etc. They are deceitful monsters who will play by your script any way they can to convince you they are real enlightened beings, truthful and have your best interests at heart. Then they infest your home through paranormal activity, escalating fear tactics, physical attacks and the exacerbation of mental and health issues.

Astral projection happens two ways - voluntarily or involuntarily. One is your intent. The other is spontaneous and not in your control. Generally speaking, intended trips are possible but have no more meaning than a dream or daydreaming - they are random musings of a free-floating consciousness. Involuntary astral jaunts are more insidious. Your consciousness is hijacked during complete openness or after a physical trauma so false thoughts and images are inserted into your brain for a specific agenda by unknown entities.

In both instances where you travel or what happens is not of true significance. It's a good story not truth or a connection to something/somebody exalted, special or meaningful. You are either interpreting what you see through subjective thoughts - emotions - or being manipulated by something that means you harm somewhere down the astral road.

At this point, you have to evaluate what you're really looking for when you do meditation or astral travel and what is truly happening if you get pulled out of body without warning. Meditation and astral travel are psychological dissociation states that happen when you choose or when something unknown accesses a part of your mind that is NORMALLY SHUT OFF. Think about that.

The  brain is usually protected from a state of open consciousness for a reason. The first reason is for mental and emotional protection from psychological trauma and the effective control of your sense of reality, perception and cognitive functions.

Second, your brain is closed to spiritual invasion when shielded. You can seek spiritual realms upon choosing at any time and are normally fairly safe from negative energies that would place thoughts, ideas and fears into your consciousness. In either case, however, turning off the shield to your mind through meditation/astral projection makes you open to great danger and psychological damage via emotional hallucinations, psychic misinformation and delusional mental terror.

People are mistakenly told that they are taking a contemplative walk via meditation or an out-of-body experience. Nothing could be further from the truth. Looking within yourself for enlightenment is not possible. You can find self-awareness within yourself via your life actions or thoughts but not cosmic truths.

In the end looking inward prevents you from learning objective truths. You cannot escape from your own experiences, memories, emotions or nature. Every thought you have, conscious or unconscious, stems from all your brain has stored in it. If you reach inward, you are plumbing the depths of your own psyche and nothing more. When you do that, negative spiritual entities will come into the depths with you because of your openness and stir your waters into a nasty froth in order to drive you deeper into darkness.

If you seek a spiritual connection with higher knowledge or seek healing answers you need to strive toward the heavenly plain not the lower Astral plain. Go to the top tier not the lowest above our physical plain. Seek Light not Dark low level entities. You need to follow the Creator's realm that is sovereign over the Dark. You need Divine spiritual guidance and, most important, Divine protection. Neither meditative methods or OBE adventures provide any protection for you or your soul.

This isn't about religion. It's about your immortal life.

You should stop looking for answers from a spiritual dead zone ASAP. Drop meditation and start prayer. Pray for all conscious or unconscious mental doorways you have opened to be closed. Pray that any low energy spirits be removed from your home. Give thanks for information that has enlightened you about this situation. Rebuke any entities that may have contacted you during these mind-altering journeys and who may believe you gave them permission into your life. Spiritual truth and enlightenment comes from God alone.

Also be on alert to any paranormal activity in your home. This is an indication of a dark entity scouting or beginning co-habitation. If you see signs - ghosts, shadows, sound, smells, etc. pray for the entity to be taken away ASAP. Ghosts are demonic guises so don't be fooled.

I suggest you read the books below. They are easy to follow and extremely beneficial. You have spiritual gifts you need to understand that will connect you to spiritual truths in the Supernatural Realm not the low level paranormal realms. You don't want I-ness. You want Oneness.

1. Protecting Your Home From Spiritual Darkness - Chuck Pierce
2. School of the Supernatural - Ryan Wyatt

You have control of your life and you can turn this around.

Take care,

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