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Thanks in advance for any advice. I'll start with a little history:

I consider myself to be somewhat sensitive to paranormal activity. I've seen at least one apparition (scared me quite a bit as he was detailed) I can feel a presence and can generally tell if it's menacing or bad. I've also felt things, experienced all kinds of small activity ect... My children have also ALL had experiences over the years from apparitions to other minimal activity.

My concern is with our new house. We have had the luxury of living in a "quiet place" for the last few years. So when I felt the all familiar "presence" the moment I walked into this house, I knew something was probably amiss. That was about three weeks ago. We have lived here 10 days as of today.

It seems to be active upstairs for the most part. That's where everything happens.  

This house is a 1914 Craftsman Bungalow. I came upon it unexpectedly one day. I work in the local Post Office and answered my phone to the owner of this house who was panicked because her "rent to own" tenant had just MOVED out after 3 years of living here. I was later told that she was in a contract to purchase the house, and just up and left... I've heard from other's that she couldn't afford it and simply left for that reason. Anyhoo, I was looking for a rental and asked her if I could see it. I fell in love with it later that afternoon...

I saw it with the realtor, no issues. I then met with the owners a couple of days later. We were headed upstairs (the house was empty mind you) and I was literally on the first step of the staircase when we stopped to talk for a while. We all heard a noise coming from upstairs that sounded like someone walking around. So, up we went. Nothing of course. I knew then that something was up.  

Second time was I believe that evening or the next night (twilight) I took my son over to check it out. As soon as we got upstairs in that little alcove it became HEAVY. My son is 16. We BOTH picked up on it. I followed it into what is now my youngest daughters bedroom and then the heavy feeling just left. Like it was checking us out, heard us talking about it, and then decided to leave us alone.  

I then stopped by after work one day and had a conversation with it. I asked for it not to scare my family, I don't want to see it, and MOST importantly, at ALL costs, do NOT scare my youngest daughter. Ect... I don't eve remember what else I might have said, I was a little nervous. I also asked it that if it doesn't want us here to let me know soon because I won't buy the place.

Well, the first night we moved in I was a little oblivious to anything as I had some wine but I did hear some noises. Second night however I was woken up three times. Once was my cat making noise (I'm pretty sure). Twice was something else, in the alcove. Walking around. Left me a NetGear internet receiver smack in the middle of the room that I have NEVER seen and couldn't even imagine where it came from as I PERSONALLY cleaned the entire upstairs.

Since then, it's only been minor things. Mostly feelings. But tonight it was a horrid smell. I haven't identified yet so it COULD still be explained possibly. But it's IN that alcove. It's almost like a wet diaper smell, human. I'm about to go up and check it again. It's been coming and going since around 4:00 and it's now 10:00. * Yup, it's there but not as strong as it has been. BTW, my cat has been at our old house since yesterday so I know it's not him. He's been affected by this house as well, but then again he IS a cat, lol.

So, in all honesty I get the feeling that it's not menacing. I've been telling it to chill out for the past few hours and I've experienced nothing other than that smell. No feelings, no movements, it's been quiet. And I just have a feeling that it's because I asked it to stop. The smell is even less. The weird thing is, is that it was terrible for about an hour, just after my fiancÚ showed up, then left almost as quickly as it came, for about an hour. Then it's been back pretty much ever since. Weird. Hope it's gone in the morning!!! PEE-EWE!!!

So anyway, I am going to do a little digging on this house. I have some original photos of it with a last name and I'll go from there. I know some recent history but nothing substantial.

What can you get out what I've said? I know I'm all over the place (I'm SO tired right now) but I hope you can get a decent picture of what's going on.

I admit, I'm letting myself get a little creeped out. I've had some negative experiences in the past and even though I don't get that vibe now, as of tonight I am getting a little afraid. Foul smells aren't good (if it's even related). I just want to know what's here before I buy this place!

Thanks in advance. Kim

Hi Kim,

Thanks for reaching out. My apologies in delay as I'm technically on vacation but not on the system. I'm hitting you back from the hotel computer. lol

As much as you may love it I might recommend that you pass it up OR have whatever is there confronted. It is masking. In my OPINION, best that I can tell, it's masking. It's not allowing you to know it's true nature. What you are describing sounds much like the Sallie House event. It started out as benign. It started out playful. It started out like a poltergeist. It escalated very quickly.

The fact that it piqued around the time your fiancee showed up, kind of suggests that it is predatory and that it has staked you as it's claim. That however could be completely OPPOSITE of what's happening, but that is my estimation. The opposite would be if it is reacting to something in your fiancee. Kind of like a warning.

BUT based upon the SMELLS and based upon the fact that it DOES have enough energy to move objects, I have to say that it is demonic. Especially with an additional indicator possibly being the quick retreat of the lady who WAS going to buy the house. Coupling the fast departure of the former tenant and the foul smell and the fact that it has enough energy to move objects suggests that the likelihood that it is demonic far outweighs the possibility that it was responding in a protective manner when becoming active in your fiancee's presence.

You may have had more experiences since you shot me this question that may bolster that notion or seem to shoot it down. But you have a young daughter. That to me indicates spiritual target. Do NOT under any circumstances have a psychic come in. Things might cool down for a min but they will fire back up hot, heavy and in a hurry. I would consider a deliverance minister with the gift of discernment. Someone who sees into the spirit realm as it is. Behind the masks that evil entities try to throw up to throw off psychics. No offense at all to your sensitivity mind you. I just know the general flow of things go from low, to medium to high and bad after spiritualists, mediums and psychics are brought in. Now exactly as to the why I don't rightly know. But it seems ministers are called last for a reason. And that is because everything else didn't work or made it worse. :/

Also, don't try to communicate with it save telling it to go. Be it to Jesus...or to hell. Plea the Blood of Jesus over yourself and your children at night while you are there. Even after if you don't stay. Command angels to stand at the corners of the house. Draw a Bloodline (of Jesus' Blood) around your bed, etc.

Definitely update me on what's happening since you initially sent me this.


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